Zoya presents Samāvé, their first collection with a patented frame


The new Zoya Baoli autograph embodies Zoya’s legacy of inspired design

Zoya, the exquisite diamond boutique from Tata, presents Samāvé, an autograph collection of rare jewelry that is inspired by old fables about women, water and life. The all-white collection is atmospheric and modern, designed with clear lines in rose and white gold and its visual vocabulary seamlessly interprets architectural elements from India’s ancient stepwells in a unique design language to create a versatile selection of rings and earrings, necklaces and bracelets deliver .

Handcrafted for the Zoya woman, with her eye for excellence, a penchant for the beautiful and a striving for meaning, every piece in this exquisite collection of haute joaillerie is designed to make every day very special. With Samāvé, Zoya further strengthens its unparalleled legacy of design innovation and reinvents the category in a showcase of immense creativity and advanced technical expertise. The luxury atelier proudly presents its very first patent-pending ‘Zoya Baoli’ frame, an autograph collection that will be included in future collections and become a distinctive brand identifier.

Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head at Zoya, says, “It’s a passion for flawless design and an innate understanding of women and their journey that drives Zoya. Zoya has always challenged traditional beliefs that jewelry is meant to show one’s status and to be worn frugally. Samāvé is designed to give meaning to your everyday clothing, with artistic pieces that reflect your individuality, resonate with personal meaning, are wearable and celebrate your everyday life. “

Samāvé celebrates the facets of the Zoya woman on her journey through the uneven terrain of life, reconnecting with the source of her own feminine power and with the relationships that nourish her. Zoya imagines the stepwell was more than a source of water for his muse. Her descent to the core of this inverted water temple serves as a metaphor for her journey through a noisy, overloaded world into the blissful simplicity of the ultimately real and relevant. Refreshed and invigorated, she emerges with a new clarity of spirit and communicates in common sisterhood with her tribe, feeling alive and filled with a feeling of belonging and support. Zoya connects the past with the future and interprets this inspiration in stylized elements in a stepwell leitmotif and creates masterpieces that brilliantly remind of the eternally nourishing power of the female spirit.

Flawlessly crafted, piece by piece, every aspect of the manufacturing process in Zoya’s signature environment is a labor of love and a demonstration of technical mastery. Stones are cut by Zoya’s masters with precise craftsmanship to bring out their shine. They are then placed at an unusual incline to blend seamlessly with the geometry of the outer square while smoothing out the inequalities of natural stones. The angle and placement of the baguettes in an endless loop results in a continuous stream of light that is structurally designed to create a dramatic play of light and shadow. In the unexpected “inverted” architecture of the setting, there is a round brilliant cut diamond in the middle, which represents the water heart of the stepwell, the essence of life. The inaccessibility of the areas within the socket poses a challenge to the precision of the shaping and makes the use of conventional prongs impossible. The unique setting of Samāvé is then achieved by very precise casting of diamonds directly into the gold. Only diamonds of the highest quality are selected for samāvé because they can withstand the intense heat of the casting process in a furnace. Tiny azure windows behind the stones provide accessibility for polishing tools that finally deliver the flawless finish that has become synonymous with a Zoya product.

Says Ajoy Chawla, CEO, Jewelery Division, Titan Company Limited, “This collection is an outstanding achievement in jewelry manufacturing. Design history celebrates the centrifugal force of the Zoya woman, while the patent underscores Zoya’s commitment to continuous investment in design innovation, superb craftsmanship, and the legacy of creating works of art that unite global sensibilities and redefine the way fine jewelry is in India and presented worldwide. “
Samāvé is now available in Zoya boutiques in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, as well as in Zoya Galleries in Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kolkata. To book a home visit or virtual meeting with our jewelry advisors, please visit www.zoya.in

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