Woman finds 2017 McDonald’s burger without mold


What started as a normal day for Megan Condry ended with a scientific experiment. Condry shared a post with her Facebook wall shocked at the condition of a McDonald’s burger she bought five years ago.

She says she bought the burger for lunch on November 2, 2017 on her way to work and forgot the burger. She found the burger in her back seat five days after buying it and decided to keep it.

“I decided to keep it because it hasn’t formed, smelled or looked bad in 5 days, so I wanted to see what a few years would do,” Condry said.

The burger has been in her closet in the McDonald’s bag since 2017.

On February 2, Condry found the burger and took it out of the bag. She was amazed to see that the burger didn’t contain any foul smell or mold.

“I found my McDonald’s cheeseburger…it looks the same, only rock hard!” said Condry.

She said the burger looks the same as the day she bought it.


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