Why the Christmas decorations of Duchess Camilla and Prince Charles look so different – photos


Kate Thomas

the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles‘ beautiful Christmas Decorations were revealed in new photographs taken in their main residence, Clarence house.

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Duchess Camilla hosted a reception on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of The archers alongside members of the current cast, writers, and the production team. 74-year-old Royal, an avowed superfan of the longtime radio soap, was pictured meeting cast members and delivering a welcoming speech in the very festive hallway of Clarence House.

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In the background we caught a glimpse of the king’s beautiful Christmas tree, which takes pride of place next to the large wooden staircase. However, eagle-eyed fans may have noticed the huge difference between this year’s festive decorations and last year’s interiors.

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The 2020 tree was decorated with the help of young children via video call and the finished result was a colorful masterpiece with twinkling lights and brightly shining balls.

Duchess Camilla Archers

The Duchess of Cornwall unveiled her Christmas tree at Clarence House

Camilla had invited nine children, supported by Helen & Douglas House Hospice in Oxfordshire to virtually decorate with the help of their stable master, Captain Charlie Ross of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards.

In contrast, this year’s tree is a lot more restrained and a lot less sparkling!

Clarence House Tree

It was a low profile affair compared to the epic tree of 2020

During Tuesday’s Archers event, Camilla shared her love for soap with her guests. In her welcoming speech, she said: “I have loved this program for as long as I can remember. It is my faithful companion for a large part of my life.

“Like many other archer addicts, I am known to get pretty perplexed if disturbed between 7:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. – and how had thousands of other severe withdrawal symptoms when they all but disappeared during lockdown!”

Duchess Cornwall Tree Close-up

Last year’s tree was virtually decorated by a group of children

“But I’m very glad you’re back, let’s leave it that way.

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“I was thrilled to have been asked to star in an episode ten years ago – although, being not a well-known thespian, I was only entrusted to play myself, with the help of Ian, who is here, and the deceased , complained Caroline. “

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