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Koshy and Roshni’s brand new home in Kozhuvallur near Venmani in the Alappuzha District, Kerala, has become an area eye-catcher for its gorgeous designer features and modern amenities. The design of this home was inspired by the iconic home of well-known architect G Sankar. Interestingly, Habitat Group designed and built this house.

The new house was built directly behind the couple’s ancestral home. The property is slightly inclined from street level. The structure will be built while maintaining the natural layout of the property. This grand colonial building, set in a huge roadside lot, easily attracts attention. Interestingly, the structure has a unique look on four sides which makes it a design marvel.

The wide and lavishly designed landscape is the highlight of the exterior. The long driveway is paved with tandoor stones and grass in alternating layers. A beautiful garden with shady trees and shiny pebbles is being prepared on both sides.

The structure was built from interlocking bricks. In the meantime, clay is being plastered in the interiors. The exterior walls are painted with mud-textured paint, which underlines the overall look of the house. The sloping roof at the front is paved with shingles. The rest of the roof is made in the putty-plate technique, where clay was used for plastering. Because this area receives amazing airflow, there are three more doors in this house in addition to the main door that open to the interior spaces. You can also enjoy the wonderful view of the garden and the countryside when these doors are opened.

Formal and familiar living areas, courtyard, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and an upper living area have been set up in this magnificent residence. Unlike normal houses, no seat was built as part of the elevation. The double-height inner courtyard, which is decorated with warm-toned lights, attractive wall mirrors and custom-made furniture, is the highlight of the interior. The interiors are open plan to ensure excellent communication between the areas. This function not only ensures a larger look and feel of the interior, but also ensures cross ventilation.

The built-in sitting areas near the windows in the formal and family living areas are an interesting addition. The hidden storage spaces under these seating groups are a beautiful example of an intelligent and space-saving design. Meanwhile, the beautiful glassworks on the wall is an eye-catcher. The Jaisalmer and Kota stones paved on the floor add to the rustic charm of the interior.

The dining table set is minimal as the expat family is only at home during the holidays. The simple marble table top has four chairs on one side and a bench on the other. There are doors in the dining area that lead to the courtyard. This brings a lot of cool air and natural light into the interiors.

Roshni is an architect. So she wanted a compact kitchen where everything could be arranged within easy reach. A separate work area is not built as part of the kitchen for ease of maintenance.

The stairs lead to a living and study area. A spectacular mural is the highlight of this area. From the upper floor one could enjoy the overwhelming view of the wide landscape. There are doors here that connect this floor to the terrace at the front and to the area where the water tank was installed at the back.

The wide and lavishly designed landscape is the highlight of the exterior.

The lockdown was announced as construction progressed at an impressive pace. As a result, work has stalled due to the unavailability of labor. Meanwhile, Koshy and Roshni monitored the construction through video calls and messages. Their fathers visited the site often and kept them updated on the works.

The house looks like a classy resort that is surrounded by greenery. The family is happy and proud that their brand new house has become the talk of the town.

Project facts

Location – Kozhuvalloor, Alappuzha

Owners – Koshy P Cherian, Roshni Mary

Planning and construction – Habitat Group

Year of manufacture – 2021



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