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Are you looking for ways to add a wow factor to boring walls? While traditional canvases can be your first choice, there are certainly a number of alternatives to wall art.

Dressing up your walls is a great way to add an interesting design element that often acts as a focal point or stepping stone to an interesting and funky space.

Do you need ideas for wall design? Here are some top tips.

1. Consider wallpaper. Wallpaper continues to be a popular and relatively inexpensive way to add an instant design element to boring walls.

2. Buy removable wall stickers. You don’t want anything permanent? Wall stickers are both portable and temporary and can be used in many different spaces.

3. Bring in unexpected wall art such as tapestries, wall hangings, or mixed media.

4. Go retro! Often times, classic rock and roll art or framed vintage prints add a design element that never goes out of style.

5. Frame oversized black and white prints. Big and bold works well when you’re looking for ways to add a focal point or ground a room.

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