Tigmi Trading designs carpet collections that are influenced by brutalist architecture


Dezeen campaign: The carpet company Tigmi Trading from Byron Bay has launched its first self-designed carpet collection, which is inspired by brutalist architecture.

The five-part luxury carpet collection is called Rilievo, which means “relief” in Italian.

The carpets are characterized by the hard edges of brutalist architecture and have geometric patterns that are supposed to reflect the interplay of light and shadow of a building.

The carpet collection is characterized by brutalist architecture

The founder and creative director of Tigmi Trading, Danielle McEwan, was influenced by the architect Carlo Scarpa when designing the collection, which is based on Scarpa’s modernist work.

“I have a deep connection with architectural details and, in particular, the way brutalist shapes can balance the harshness and strength of the material with the intricate details of the design,” said McEwan.

“The use of repetitive patterns to create sculptural elements and details, the play with proportions and light and Scarpa’s approach to combining different materials – in our case linen – with a precious and soft New Zealand wool.”

Rilievo has geometric lines
The carpets are available in a range of colors

The simplicity of the individual colors of each rug is offset by the textured “rilievo” of patterns that create pieces that are meant to be timeless.

Tigmi Trading worked with a family-run weaving mill in Nepal to create the collection, which is made to order in the interests of minimizing waste.

The carpet manufacturer describes itself as a “conscious” brand and has recently become a partner of GoodWeave. GoodWeave is a non-profit organization that works to end child labor in the carpet industry.

Geometric carpet
Geometric lines of modernist architecture are reflected in the carpet designs

Rilievo aims to reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainable craftsmanship.

“Our goal is to continue to encourage us and our customers to think and buy consciously – beautiful aesthetic, socially and ethically made design – we don’t believe that one has to be sacrificed for the other,” added McEwan.

“We will continue to design and develop an exciting range of carpets and products that share this ethos.”

To see more about Tigmi Trading products, visit their website.

Content of the partnership

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