Tide Rock shovels up Altratek Plastics


San Diego-based Tide Rock Holdings today announced the acquisition of Altratek Plastics, a full-service custom injection molding and tooling company based in Longmont, CO.

Earlier this year, Tide Rock acquired injection moulder Pikes Peak Plastics and Plastics Design and Manufacturing (PDM), a supplier of custom plastic thermoforming.

The inclusion of Altratek increases the holding company’s injection molding capacity in the medium tonnage range, expands the capabilities and know-how in robot-assisted automated production and extends the sector coverage to commercial, industrial and specialty consumer goods. The company’s all-electric equipment has enabled it to streamline operations and achieve production efficiency, the press release said.

“Altratek’s consistent commitment to high quality manufacturing, including consistent part quality and on-time delivery, has enabled the company to build strong relationships with its customers. Due to repeated investments in leading manufacturing technologies, Altratek has been able to adapt to customer needs and have achieved continuous growth over the past 10 years, ”said Brooks Kincaid, President of Tide Rock.

Michael Engler, CEO of Tide Rock portfolio companies Interconnect Solutions, PDM and Pikes Peak, was instrumental in completing this acquisition. He will lead Altratek as CEO and will work with Dan Kaven, President and former owner of Altratek, to ensure a smooth transition.

Tide Rock said it continues to actively invest in the sub-component manufacturing industries, along with other manufacturing, distribution, business and healthcare services companies.

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