This 1500 sqft house in Kannur was built on a budget of Rs 40 lakhs


Sukumaran, who works as a medical representative, takes incredible pride when his friends and relatives shower praise on his brand new home in the beautiful countryside of Korom in Kannur. The family wanted a one-story home that would save space and have all the modern conveniences. Meanwhile, the elevation’s unique designs have made this home a major landmark in the area.

The 10 cent lot doesn’t have too many trees to provide cooling shade. So the elevation was cleverly designed to block the harsh rays of the sun. These designs are so unique that they immediately grab attention.

Designed at 1500 sq ft, this amazing condo features a car porch, seating, living and dining areas, three patios, a kitchen with work area, and three bedrooms. The interiors are designed in an open theme to make them look and feel spacious. A TV unit separates the living and dining areas.

The extensive use of terracotta jali walls is the highlight of this home. These walls are installed next to the courtyards on either side of the structure to block the sun’s rays coming from the east and west sides. In addition, these walls also ensure excellent cross ventilation. The cool breeze coming into the house pushes out the hot air and creates a comfortable ambiance in the house. Interestingly, a staircase could easily be built in place of the courtyard if the family decides to build an extra floor in the future.

The jali wall standing on four pillars in the upper area blocks the view of the water tank as a façade. Also, this area could easily be converted into a room in the future if needed.

Normally, terracotta jali walls with a perfect finish are quite expensive. However, Jali panels have been used here which cost Rs 30 each which is relatively cheaper. The credit for installing such beautiful jali walls goes to the talented craftsmen who did the job.

Instead of expensive wood, GI was used for window and door frames to keep costs in check. Meanwhile, fiberglass doors were used in the bathrooms.

The master bedroom has a refreshing courtyard separated by a sliding glass door.

The kitchen cabinets are made of plywood with a laminate finish. Work area cabinets are fitted with ACP panels to reduce costs.

Although the estimated budget was Rs 35,000, it was exceeded due to the sudden and unexpected increase in building material prices. Thus the construction of this fabulous home including the structure and furnishings was completed on a budget of Rs 40 lakh.

Facts about the project
Location – Korom, Payyannur
Land – 10 cents
Area – 1500 SFT
Owner – Sukumaran
Design – Atreum Associates, Kottaykal, Payyannur
Mobile – 8547440077
Year of Completion – January 2022
Budget – Rs 40 lakh
Pictures – Akhil Komachy


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