The manufacturing week begins in Vacaville


VACAVILLE – The city, in partnership with Solano Community College and the Vacaville School District, has launched Manufacturing Week for 2021, which will allow students to see the most cutting-edge manufacturing in the area.

“Our local high school students are fast becoming the future of our city,” Mayor Ron Rowlett said in a press release. “Vacaville is an advanced manufacturing center in California and it is important
Introduce our students to the many careers available in the industry.

“Connecting our students to local opportunities, both through Solano College and through local businesses, is at the heart of our Manufacturing Week,” he said in the press release.

The students began their tour with a visit to some of the city’s local manufacturers and gained insight into the evolution of manufacturing and the merging of traditional manufacturing techniques with robotics.

“Manufacturing in California is really thriving,” Wayne Froeblich, division president of Wunder-Bar in Vacaville, said in the city’s news release. “Many of the parts used are made in the machines you see in our factory.

“The students here today, especially those who have the ambition to get into manufacturing, can benefit from studying mathematics and other technical skills,” said Fröblich in the press release. “Although some of the training can be done on the job, manufacturing training still plays a major role.”

Solano College has created an educational platform specifically tailored to educate students in the fields of advanced manufacturing. The college did so in response to the growing need for science, technology, engineering, and math in manufacturing.

“There is a tremendous need for skilled and manufacturing skilled workers in the workforce,” said Doug Green, an advanced manufacturing instructor at Solano College, in the press release. “All of the students who have completed our program are employed – many have multiple offers from local companies. There is not a single student who has successfully completed our program and cannot find a job in the local community. “

Green provided the students with a tour of the college’s manufacturing facility after their production tour and was able to answer questions about the program and advanced manufacturing in general.

While his classes are mostly male, the number of women attending and completing his courses has increased dramatically over the past decade, Green said. And as the numbers rise, he’s still looking forward to the day when there’s an even split.

“I firmly believe that diversity in teams makes a team stronger,” said Sarah Harper, co-owner of All Weather Architectural Aluminum, a manufacturer in Vacaville, in the press release. “That is why it is very important for the manufacturing industry that women get involved. For someone considering a career in manufacturing and believing that it is a male dominated industry, my opinion is that you will find that there is a strong need for women in this area and they are looking for you . “

Founded 10 years ago by the US Census Bureau, Manufacturing Week was originally launched to educate businesses and local decision makers about manufacturing in the US to open their doors to students, parents and teachers in their local communities .


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