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A complete online guide to urban gardening, Homecactus is also home to a stunning store with a range of beautifully designed flower pots

A former garden blog has blossomed into an all-access portal for urban gardening in 2022 – with a large selection of insightful planting guides and an online shop with beautiful plant pots.

Homecactus was launched in 2019 by gardener Aaron Pereira, with the founder using the digital space to post tips and tricks advising readers on how to create a beautiful indoor garden.

Since then, the site has blossomed into a multi-faceted platform for home gardeners, offering essential advice for anyone trying to bring some green into their home.

Next indoor gardening and home gardeners Blogs, Homecactus is also the perfect place to access product reviews and expert advice on the best tools and methods for plant care.

Homeowners can use the guides to add a green touch to their environment, regardless of lot size, with the platform showing how users can make the most of the space they have to effectively install decorative plants and even their own vegetable patch to be installed indoors.

Visitors can get their hands on a number of stunning things Indoor plant pots, Ceramic flower pots and succulent plant pots also at Homecactus – all with trays made of glazed, matt ceramic and bamboo. These multipurpose pots — which can be used to grow herbs, air plants, seedlings, or miniature bonsai trees — are available on the website, Amazon, and Etsy and thoroughly enjoyed it reviews.

Homecactus founder Aaron Pereira said: “A lot of people are starting out in home gardening these days – but sometimes they don’t know where to start.

“Homecactus not only offers high quality succulent plant pots, but is also a place where people can learn more about urban gardening and understand what it is all about – including how to use methods, tools and ideas.

“As far as hobbies go, gardening is a great hobby – and you’ll be surprised at how much you can do indoors. You don’t necessarily have to own a large outdoor garden.

“We’re always happy to help anyone who has questions, and there’s loads of information on the site, including how to grow vegetableshow to care for plants and how to build a good looking indoor garden that will stand the test of time.”

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