The Gray Tassel opens a home decor store for lovers of boho charm


A wide range of modern boho style products to bring an artisanal feel to your home

Founded by Michelle Mills, The Gray Tassel is a home furnishings shop specifically designed for those who are socially conscious and want a boho aesthetic in their homes. The Gray Tassel’s unique collections consist of a variety of products with a modern boho charm, ranging from bath luxuries, textiles, vases, storage baskets, plant hangers and more. Most importantly, all of these products are sustainably handcrafted by skilled artisans.

The Gray Tassel was founded out of a dream that everyone should be paid fairly for their hard work. The company works with fair trade artisans to provide stylish and luxurious handmade products. With The Gray Tassel, you can be confident that your home will be infused with a cultural ambiance that is aesthetically pleasing to everyone.

At The Gray Tassel, simplicity is key to making your home stand out. With their classic, timeless boho products, you can give your home a decor upgrade that’s welcoming, comfortable, and full of artisanal grandeur!

“I wanted to create a place where fair compensation for craftsmen is the standard. Where we only sourced products from suppliers with high standards of quality and even higher standards of social responsibility. That’s what started The Gray Tassel,” said Michelle Mills, CEO of The Gray Tassel.

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The Gray Tassel is a home furnishings store with products that have a modern, boho vibe. Our focus is on sourcing products that are sustainably handcrafted by fair trade artisans and ensuring those artisans are fairly rewarded.

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