Tectonic Components Launches New Made-in-USA Altar Pedal

PRESS RELEASE: Tectonic Components

After several years of prototyping, testing and refining, we are excited to release our first product, the Altar platform pedal. We set out to build a pedal that thrives in demanding conditions, with a focus on grip, durability and ease of maintenance. Proudly made in Durango, Colorado, the Altar Pedal was engineered for rocky mountaintops, rowdy backcountry singletrack, grueling laps in the park and wandering freeride lines in the desert, and will excel wherever riding puts a smile on your face .


– Platform size 110 x 120 mm
-15mm thick
-Pedal body made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon
-Patent-pending hardened Hitachi steel pull pins
-Stainless steel spindle
-Full cartridge chamber system
-Made in the USA


After experimenting with a variety of materials, we ended up with carbon fiber reinforced nylon, a thermoplastic that surpasses the strength of aluminum while also being more prone to sliding over rocks rather than sticking or snagging. Our long fiber filled tools optimize their alignment and flow throughout the injection molding process for superior mechanical performance. The Altar offers a smooth, wet ride and a feather-light 330g weight for a pair.


Measuring 110mm (W) x 120mm (L), the altar’s generous platform size provides excellent support and power transfer. They also have a reliable grip in moments when the foot position is not perfect. There’s 2mm of double concavity for the best feel, and the center of the pedal body is a slim 15mm.


Our patent-pending traction pin design features a double-sided traction pin attached by a side-loading bolt. This design allows for painless and quick replacement of damaged traction pins, and because there are no threads in the pedal body, a truly damaged pin never makes replacement impossible. We machine these from hardened Hitachi stainless steel for the best durability and profile them for optimal traction, while still recognizing that these front-line parts need to be easy to swap out for longevity.


We set out to build a pedal around a durable, easy-to-service bearing layout and came up with a system that uses four cartridge bearings per pedal. These run on a heat-treated stainless steel spindle, with additional sealing elements for best durability. When the time comes, the pedals can be easily converted with common tools.

The Altar Pedal is available now. For more information or to purchase please visit tectonic.bike


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