Runxuan Textile Office has a curvilinear aluminum facade


Design studio Rational International – Masanori Design Studio has created an office in China with a curvilinear facade and a corrugated ceiling that draws on the qualities of fabrics.

The Chinese studio resorted to the fabric-making process and interpreted the movement of textiles through an architectural language to create the design.

Above: aluminum slats clad the outside of the building. Above: The facade has a curvilinear shape

“We have innovatively applied ‘fabric’ elements to both the facade and the interior through architectural languages,” Terry Xu, founder of Masanori Design Studio, told Dezeen.

“Create three-dimensional visual effects and realize the unity of inside and outside.”

The Runxuan textile office has white interiors
The slats extend into the interior

The Runxuan Textile Office was built for a textile production company and is located in a textile city in Foshan in the Chinese province of Guandong.

Its exterior was clad with vertical aluminum slats arranged in a curvilinear formation that stretched across the windows of the building.

Runxuan's textile office has an open look
A pillar marks the center of the lobby

The aluminum slats stretch across the ceiling into the interior of the office and imitate the curved shape of the facade to connect the indoor and outdoor areas.

“You seem to be standing under a loom in this room,” Xu said. “The ‘threads’ are interwoven with the light, and such black and white colors create artistic scenes from different angles.”

Runxuan's textile office has a minimalist interior
The ceiling reflects the curved shape of the facade

“For example, the curved ceiling gives the room a strong sense of architecture,” said Xu.

“Meticulous details, the connection between the ceiling and the walls, columns and the play of light and shadow bring various changes to the room.”

The lobby was placed at the center of the plan, around which offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms are grouped.

White was used throughout the interior of the building, which has a minimalist aesthetic with furniture, decorative items and plants sparsely placed in the space.

a window looks into the neighboring rooms of the Runxuan textile office
Openings in the walls connect the adjoining rooms

Openings and glass walls divide and connect the functional rooms of the building in a semi-open floor plan and create flowing and flexible work areas.

The offices have been fitted with artificial skylights that span large parts of the ceiling to counteract the lack of natural light inside.

Black furniture was used in the Runxuan textile office
Glass walls create a light and airy look

“The artificial ‘skylight’ reconnects the room with nature and contributes to a comfortable, pleasant working environment,” says Xu.

“By optimizing the indoor functional layout and solving the lighting and ventilation problems, a healthier and more comfortable office was created, which became another feature of this project.”

Ribbons of light were hung over a long table
Other rooms were furnished with black ceilings

Rational International – Masanori Design Studio was founded in 2017 and uses nature, balance and brand identity to create spaces that are not limited to a particular style.

Other recent Chinese projects include a visitor center with a striped wall and round windows by Wutopia Lab and a podium made of recycled bricks that surrounds a campus with three striped office blocks by Neri & Hu.

Photography is by Yun Ouyang.

Project Loans:

Design company: Justification International – Masanori Design Studio
Chief Designer: Terry Xu
Design team: Gorry Huang, Gavin Peng
Construction drawings: And design
Material supplier: Grepoo material trade
Main materials: Aluminum alloy, Florina Ceramics
Original brand furniture: Masanori art

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