Riverview residents decorate their homes for the Pumpkin Palooza competition


RIVERVIEW, NB – As part of Riverview’s annual Harvest Festival, over 100 residents participated in the city’s Pumpkin Palooza competition, held October 1-3.

This year’s competition is the first of its kind that has inspired several residents to do everything possible to show off their best decorations for the fall season.

Amanda Crandall spent hours decorating her property in Halloween decor, from the front yard to the roof of the house.

“It’s fun to be creative with it. That’s the part I like, ”said Crandall.

She is one of at least 150 people who have converted their homes in hopes of winning this year’s competition. Crandall said her family try to have a different topic every day.

“There are a lot of people walking by so that they can giggle or smile or look forward to something.”

Across town, Jennifer Dingman said she was looking forward to decorating for the season.

“We’ve never decorated for fall like this before. It’s just a bit of fun and makes things easier in the world,” said Dingman.

Matt McKinley of the City of Riverview, who ran the program, says it will be a tough decision for people to make. On the city’s website, residents can vote for their favorite. “We gave away 150 pumpkin palooza kits that contained some corn broth, a pumpkin, and some haystack,” McKinley said.

McKinley says they didn’t put perimeters on people during the contest. “We wanted people to use their creativity and get excited about it.”

Although the competition officially ended on Sunday, some residents decided to keep showing off their hard work.

“I think we’ll keep ours. It’s kind of fun,” said Dingman. “But every now and then I look out my window and say, ‘ahhh, someone is in my garden, but then it’s like oh no, it’s just our friendly scarecrow.”

The winner receives a free glamping pass for the guest ranch with foliage. The winner of the pumpkin palooza will be announced on Monday at midnight.

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