Review: I tried Amazon’s Beckham Hotel Collection pillows


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Everyone has their own pillow preference – whether you prefer a snuggly down pillow, a firm memory foam option, or a shredded foam model that promises to keep you cool in the summer. As a home shopping writer, I’ve tested my fair share of bed pillows with just about every filling you can think of. In fact, I’m a bit of a pillow eater with six bed pillows for one person; It’s my idea of ​​luxury at home. My latest additions were the Amazon famous ones Beckham Hotel Collection cushions the more than 130,000 buyers Love. And with a clickable coupon redeemed at checkout, you’ll receive a set of 2 at 40% off.

After receiving and testing the brand’s pillows, I understood what the hype was about from the first night. The hotel-quality pillows are made with a plush alternative down fill that’s extra fluffy and slightly overstuffed to provide support in all sleeping positions without feeling too tight. It has a 250 thread count cotton sateen pillowcase that is silky soft and breathable. Plus, it’s enriched with cooling gel fibers to keep you sweat-free all summer long.

The best discovery of testing these pillows? Their shape doesn’t change or diminish while I sleep. I always Fluff my pillows before bed, when I make my bed in the morning, and even a few times during the night—but since sleeping with Beckham Hotel Collection pillows, I haven’t had to fluff them once in almost three months. On arrival, don’t be fooled by their flat, vacuum-sealed packaging, these pillows expand within hours of opening. In addition, the cushions are easy to care for with a simple cycle in the washing machine and can then be laid flat to dry.

Buyers rave about the best-selling bed pillows because they’re soft yet supportive and firm enough to align the head and neck in all sleeping positions.even said several reviewers The pillows reduced neck pain and soreness. said one buyer, “I swear these pillows were made of heaven and fairy dust; firm but soft.” They also added, “The pillow will hold its shape and support your head while being soft and comfortable.”

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