Princess Anne: In a 700-acre ‘ordinary everyday house’ Gatcombe Park – ‘hilarious establishment!’


Princess Anne, 71, lives in Gatcombe Park, a 700-acre estate in the Gloucestershire countryside. This residence is purely private, but the grounds are occasionally opened up for horse trials as Princess Anne and her daughter Zara Tindall, 40, are both highly qualified former Olympic riders. Royal fans were delighted when the royal family posted a picture of the Princess Royal and her husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, 66, on their official Instagram page in February 2021.

The royal couple were photographed watching the Rugby Calcutta Cup while relaxed side by side on their sofa in front of their modest looking TV.

They were surrounded by quite a bit of clutter on their coffee table: vases, books, papers and china figurines. There was a dog bed in her corner as Princess Anne is a well known breeder of pit bull terrier dogs.

Several landscape paintings hung on the walls in what appeared to be a comfortable, modestly sized living room.

In the photo, the Princess Royal was dressed casually in a maroon sweater and black fleece vest. She sat cross-legged next to her plaid husband Timothy on a floral-print melon-colored sofa.

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The princess is the royal patron of the Scottish rugby team and explains why they watched the game.

In the room there were two closets filled with small ornaments and framed photos.

Every surface in the room was stacked with books and other general clutter. It looked like the average living room your grandparents would relax and enjoy themselves in.

The cream colored walls were filled with a series of framed paintings, all of which appeared to be of different coastal towns.


Royal fans were divided over the decor of Princess Anne’s cozy living room.

One royal observer, @lindajohnsonnnn, wrote: “It’s nice to see even the royals have cluttered living quarters.”

Another, @mariaivonevalencia, added: “Thanks! Absolutely great.”

Similarly, @colonial_kitty said, “Wow, that’s just like a regular, everyday house.”

Royal fan @tropics49 commented: “Gosh! Your decor looks like mine – right down to the colors/patterns of the furniture.

“And the different carpets, books, odds and ends – maybe it’s the age? You and I are the same age! Hilarious setup!”

However, other fans were less impressed.

Instagram user @hoarethelma said: “It looks like a 1950’s room with the decor of a 100 year old. But everyone for themselves!”

Another @susankousidis added: “Too full for my liking. Looks like an episode of Hoarders.”

The cozy royal residence is in Gatcombe Park, the Gloucestershire estate that the Queen bought for her daughter in 1976.

It has been the main residence of Princess Anne with her husband Timothy Laurence ever since.

The grounds of the estate host the annual Festival of British Eventing as well as other equestrian events.

Zara Tindall also maintains a home on the property with her husband Mike Tindall, 43.

Also, Zara’s older brother Peter Phillips, 44, lives on the property with his daughters Savannah, 11, and Isla, nine.


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