Over 60 exhibitors will showcase transformative technologies at Smart Manufacturing Experience 2022 in Pittsburgh, June 7-9


Sudfeld, Mich., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — More than 60 leading manufacturing companies will come together Pittsburgh next month to shine the spotlight on the latest transformative technologies at Smart Manufacturing Experience 2022. The in-person event will help small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) harness the power of these advanced technologies to improve their bottom line and drive their operations in real-time.

Effective January 1, 2020, Robert Willig has been appointed SME Managing Director and CEO. (PRNews photo/SME)

The event planned for 7th-9th June 2022in David L Laurentius convention center in Pittsburgh, is sponsored by SME, CESMII, AMT and AMI, who have joined forces to meet the technology needs of SMMs. The sponsors work with industry, academia and government agencies to develop solutions that advance the advancement of intelligent manufacturing processes.

“Smart Manufacturing Experience brings together the best minds in smart manufacturing, including keynote speakers, technical experts, thought leaders and manufacturing industry peers who have already adopted these technologies and have a wealth of knowledge to share,” said Robert Willing, Managing Director and CEO of SME. “This transfer of knowledge sets the stage for industry to adapt faster than ever and accelerate the pace of our economy.”

“At the Smart Manufacturing Experience, you will see how companies are already making smart changes, educating their workforce and enjoying increased ROI as a result. With more than 60 exhibiting companies planned for this year, you’ll see how this technology can make a huge difference to your bottom line, too.”

Willig said this year’s exhibition series features some of the most advanced “smart” technologies from many of the biggest names in the manufacturing technology industry. The following are smart technology highlights from some of the key exhibitors that will be on display at this year’s exhibition space:

AT&T Business – Connectivity and communications technologies for cybersecurity, edge computing, IIoT and digital transformation, ERP/MRP and supply chain management software (Booth #301).

CESMII – Human Resources Development and Digital Transformation Initiatives, Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Centers, CESMII Innovation Platform Technology Solution (Booth #221, #515).

manufacturing United States of America – Through 16 manufacturing innovation institutes, it leads major industry-related R&D projects, employee training on advanced manufacturing skills (Booth No. 215).

TULIP – TULIP self-service manufacturing apps empower manufacturing workers to drive digital transformation. The TULIP platform integrates human and machine data to achieve business goals (Booth #401).

Augmentir – Helping companies achieve workforce excellence and increase productivity with data-driven, AI-based connected worker tools (Booth #509).

Canvas GFX – Canvas Envision’s end-to-end browser-based software platform enables users to create, collaborate, access, digitally manipulate, and interact with 3D product documentation (Booth #103).

Capture 3D – Provides precise optical non-contact 3D measurement solutions, intelligent 3D software and robotic inspection (Booth #203).

Datanomix – Provides automated production intelligence for real-time production monitoring without operator input, with dashboards, full view reports, trending the right data, now (Booth #503).

Ericsson – Information and communication technology (ICT) provider of 5G and IoT platforms, smart mobile networks; digital services, managed services, emerging businesses (booth #115).

ESI North America – Virtual prototyping software and services that replace real-world tests and prototypes with highly accurate, predictive, and representative virtual prototypes. (Booth #211).

GE Digital – Software for grid optimization and analysis, asset and operational performance management, manufacturing operations and automation that makes industrial data usable (Booth #511).

iBASEt – The iBASEt Digital Operations Suite helps manufacturers streamline the production and maintenance of highly engineered products. It includes MES, SQM and MRO modules (booth #101).

MachineMetrics – The MachineMetrics platform collects, manages, analyzes and acts on data from manufacturing plants, converting machine data-driven insights into actions (Booth #205).

Plex Systems – The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform includes MES, ERP, supply chain management, industrial IoT and analytics to connect people, systems, machines and supply chains (Booth #505).

ThinkIQ – The ThinkIQ Transformational Intelligence Platform transforms your process through five steps required to achieve fully autonomous intelligent manufacturing (Booth #626).

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About AMI

Advanced Manufacturing International, Inc. is a non-profit organization focused on accelerating the digital transformation of small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) with simple, secure, and highly cost-effective solutions. AMI is led by industry veterans with decades of experience in delivering intelligent, production-grade digital solutions and cultural transformations for manufacturing—all without breaking the bank. AMI is a subsidiary of Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group, Inc. (MTDG) and is based in Clearwater, Fla.

About AMT

AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology represents and promotes US-based manufacturing technology – those who design, build, sell and maintain the ever-evolving technology that lies at the heart of manufacturing. Learn more at amtonline.org.


CESMII is The United States’ national intelligent manufacturing institute, driving cultural and technological transformation, securing industrial technologies as national necessities. By enabling a seamless exchange of information between real-time operations and the people and systems that create value within and between manufacturing organizations, CESMII impacts manufacturing performance through measurable improvements in areas such as: quality, throughput, cost/profitability, safety, asset reliability and energy productivity.

About SMEs

SME connects manufacturing professionals, academia and communities, sharing knowledge and resources to build inspired, educated and successful manufacturers and businesses. With 90 years of experience and expertise in events, media, membership, training and development, and through the SME Education Foundation, SME is committed to advancing manufacturing technology, developing a skilled workforce and engaging future generations to advance manufacturing. Learn more at sme.org, follow @KMU_MFG on Twitter or facebook.com/SMEMfg.

(PRNews photo/SME)

(PRNews photo/SME)



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