OSF HealthCare headquarters renovation work is nearing completion; January collection set


PEORIA – The restoration of historical features has been a time-consuming and expensive focus in OSF HealthCares Renovation of the new headquarters in the historic Schipper and Block department store in downtown Peoria.

But this work is about to be completed, the first employees are only a few months before they move in.

OSF officials took a tour of the room on Tuesday and demonstrated some of the work on the renovation and restoration work.

“Pretty much everything had to be redone”

Originally, the building dates from 1905 from a lot of elaborate stucco work, including decorative capitals at the top of more than 100 massive columns. All necessary professional restorations and, in many cases, new products. The molding on the seventh floor, which once housed the department store’s tea room, also required a lot of resources.

“This is the floor closest to the roof, the roof has just been repaired, and now we are finishing the plastering on this floor,” said Jim Mormann, chief executive officer of Integrated Solutions at OSF HealthCare, who was visiting the site .

Before:With a nod to history, the OSF building in downtown Peoria is taking shape

Due to water leaks, the plaster crown mold had to be extensively repaired.

“Pretty much everything had to be done from scratch,” he says.

In addition to repairs, the cleaning work also required a lot of thought and planning when designing the office space. According to the specifications of the two monument protection authorities for the project, neither moldings nor other historical features of the building were allowed to be hidden from view.

Employee move-in planned for the beginning of 2022

“Without the historical tax breaks, the building would not have been able to be renovated,” says Mormann. “That would have been too expensive.”

With the $ 135 million project, which began in its final phase in 2018, employees will move into the building in January, according to Mormann. Although most of the seven-story building is still under construction, all major construction has been completed and the interiors won’t be long, he said.

Building history:Key dates in the history of the new headquarters

The building will create a unified space for approximately 500 OSF employees currently working in offices in central Illinois.

“Our employees are currently in at least seven different buildings,” says Mormann. “That increases the efficiency every time. It also gives us the opportunity to mix and match different strategies. “


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