New all-electric machines reduce time-to-market


Medical machines have priority

The two new, large production cells are part of a comprehensive package that ENGEL has delivered to Brensbach in recent weeks. All eight new e-motion machines with clamping forces of 1600, 2800 and 5000 kN are used for clean room applications in the areas of pharmaceutical packaging, diagnostics and medical technology. In addition to nest-and-tube systems, Röchling Medical also manufactures racks for pipette tips and microtiter plates on ENGEL machines. As a competence center for injection molding technology, the Brensbach plant combines injection molding production, assembly and mold making. All-electric drive technology is factory standard. In addition to high precision, the aim is to avoid oil in the clean room as far as possible. In addition, the fast machine movements are crucial. While the nest parts have cycle times of up to 40 seconds, the tubes, with a cycle time of 10 seconds, require very high performance.

Triggered by Covid-19, the two large 5000 kN machines in particular came under enormous deadline pressure.

“We adapted our processes right at the beginning of the pandemic and prioritized medical technology in all plants,” says ENGEL sales engineer Holger Kast in Stuttgart. “For the Röchling project, we have also accelerated order processing and reduced the bureaucratic effort.”

Another special feature from ENGEL contributed to the quick start-up of the machines: The machines were delivered in two parts at no extra charge.


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