Mud and mold are just two health risks that people need to be aware of during the Hurricane Ida cleanup



(KLFY) LAROSE, La. -Residence in Larose, Louisiana deals with mud brought in by the floods of Hurricane Ida. An environmentalist News 10 spoke to calls it sedimentary sludge. She says it’s full of toxins and just a health hazard that people need to be aware of after a hurricane.

“We need help scraping it out of our gardens. We need help knowing where to put it. We need help getting it tested to make sure it’s really safe to be back here, ”says Melissa Eymard, who lives on Chester Lee Street.

The mud was tested by the scientist Wilma Subra. She says there are a number of organisms and chemicals in sediment sludge. This can cause your skin to burn, your eyes to itch, and even you to develop a severe cough. “I did a lot of post-hurricane health research and they always correlated with what was in the sediment sludge and mold,” says Subra.

Mold, which anyone who has had water damage has to do with, houses are completely gutted.

Lindsay Lasseigne, whose parents live in Lockport, says: “We haven’t seen a FEMA trailer, my parents live right down the street. They are an elderly couple and their whole house has to be finished, but they live in it full of mold because there is no other place to go. “

You can watch the full interview with Wilma Subra below.

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