Modern Homes: A Step Towards Rationalism


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Architect houses often shape the future. Their design is usually an indication of what’s to come next, although sometimes they are built just to forget. But we can predict that the new architectural wave of building rational homes will continue. Here’s why.

Integrate the house into its surroundings

While houses in the past were often built to stand out from their location, today houses are built as much as possible as part of the nature that surrounds them. It only makes sense as then the home can benefit from it. That is in part why these new homes fall into the category of rationalism. The other reason is the way the rooms are connected to each other.

A house that integrates sunlight

The use of natural light is one of the most important elements that an architect should look out for when drawing such a house. That’s why you can often see large aluminum doors and windows all around, but even more on the sunny side when it is highest. Since aluminum is light and can be easily shaped into any shape, it is the perfect material to combine with glass for such windows and doors. You can see patterns by visiting

An energy efficient house

Today more and more houses are benefiting from solar energy. Through Installation of solar panels On the roof of the house, it can use this natural energy to illuminate the house in the evening or to heat the water heater. This is a great way to reduce energy costs. Of course, this is only one of the steps to make the house more energy efficient. This includes adequate insulation of the roof and floor as well as the use of double or triple glazing for aluminum windows and doors.

A house that is open to the outside world

When you create a glass wall, you automatically bring the nature that surrounds you into your home. But because you can build the wall with aluminum folding doors, you can literally open the house onto the outside terrace on warm days. It is the perfect way to make full use of the garden, as the owner and his guests can move freely onto the terrace from the kitchen, dining room or living room.

This connection between the outside world and the inside of a house is a step into the future: a world in which we become part of our environment. Therefore, the rationalist home movement is certainly here to stay.

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