Martinez breaks the mold of a high school wrestler



You would think that a wrestler is rough, tough and intimidating and always wants to grab someone and put them on the floor.

Abigail… not so much. the Small The Collins star is sweet, soft-spoken, thoughtful and dare I say it… don’t say it!

“You wouldn’t guess it given the sport I do, but I’m really girly,” she laughs. “I love decorating rooms and organizing things so they look really pretty.” Curveball.

She was introduced to the sport through her sister and finished second in the district last season and advanced to the Regionals. While she’s “cute,” Martinez is committed to her craft.

“I wrestle and train for Rise Wrestling,” she said. “I train my sister. I love it. Wrestling keeps me focused and disciplined. It also helps me a lot with time management. It has given me the drive to push myself beyond what I believe is possible in all aspects of my life.


“It’s such a competitive sport and no two games are the same. It’s always changing.”

Her goal this season is to get through the region and place at State, but it will take more training and self-sacrifice.

“I like watching British Baking Shows on Netflix and wrestlers love food, right?” She laughs. “But I put myself on a pretty strict diet to be really competitive this year. It is a purely vegetarian diet. I eat meat twice a week, reduce salt and eat no carbs.

“In wrestling you’re always trying to gain weight and it’s always in your head. Since I’ve been on this diet, it’s taken that stress away and helped me focus more on my training and techniques.”

Ok, maybe she’s your typical wrestler.


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