Manufacturing is booming in South Central Kentucky



BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – South Central Kentucky is experiencing a huge boom in
Production facilities in the last few months.

“We have a lot to do in our area. Not just in Barren County, but the region, ”said Micheal Hale, Barren County’s Judge Executive.

Nemak’s new expansion in Glasgow, the latest production announcement in the region, will create 170 well-paying jobs with a $ 27 million expansion to support future electric vehicle business.

“Our streets, they meet. You hit every county. So if it’s an announcement in the region, it’s a win for every county in the region, ”said Hale.

Spantech is also expanding in Glasgow.

Hale is pleased that these manufacturers are expanding their presence in the region.

“You know, the South Central region is one of the hottest regions in terms of economic development. We have two major expansions underway here on site, which will create over 225 jobs. Well paid jobs here in our church. And not only is this good for Barren County, it is also good for the region, ”said Hale.

According to Ron Bunch, President and CEO of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, there are many factors why the region is so popular with the manufacturing industry. One reason for this was the concentration right from the start.

“We are very blessed with the scale of production growth. In fact, last August we were recognized as the second largest city in the country, the second largest city in the country for concentration of production. We grew from 14% to 17% of our economy, ”said Bunch.

“Since last August, this year in 2021 alone, we’ve been working with existing and new companies that have invested over $ 800 million and announced the creation of more than 1,800 new jobs. So this is a phenomenal year. We’re close to the cumulative numbers for new jobs and new business investments over the past decade, ”said Bunch.

According to Bunch, the steel and aluminum industry is on the rise in the region and a food cluster is emerging.

“Our specialization and the various focal points in production are growing, and each of them gives you different opportunities. in the food sector, in addition to the normal jobs that are quite diverse in a manufacturer, all kinds of jobs. The same goes for aluminum, metal, energy and all the things that come with it. There are a multitude of careers in manufacturing alone, and that sector, and this sector that stays at full employment and stays strong again, supports 2.5 jobs here, ”Bunch said.

Global Trade Magazine listed Bowling Green as number 2 on its list of the top 20 cities in the US for manufacturing.

Bunch says it’s up to the workforce.

“Many of the plants, especially the larger ones, are like a small town. some have their own emergency service and fire protection. So I would really encourage people to look closely at the jobs in the different manufacturing areas and these are great careers. They pay well, they offer great advantages, ”said Bunch.

The national average is 8.58%. Bowling green is 17%.

The growing industry is evident this year alone with 18 projects with a total of more than 838 million investments and more than 1,800 new jobs.

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