Maha deputy CM Ajit Pawar aims at the center, manufacturer about the delivery of defective ventilators


Mumbai: Deputy Prime Minister Ajit Pawar targeted the center on Saturday for delivering defective ventilators under the PMCARES fund to Maharashtra and other states.

Initially, Pawar made it clear that he did not want to politicize the issue, but the center should have been more cautious while providing ventilators to states during the ongoing pandemic. The ventilator manufacturers should have shown some humanity, he said.

“I don’t want to politicize this during the coronavirus pandemic, but even Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray has filed a complaint with the center about this,” said Pawar.

Pawar’s testimony came a day after the Bombay Supreme Court’s Aurangabad Bank was flogged at the center on Friday for finding doctors and paramedics not adequately trained on ventilators. The bank said the Union Ministry of Health was more concerned about defending the manufacturer of the defective ventilators rather than about the lives of the patients.

Pawar’s attempt to target the center is also important, as the Congress party called for a joint investigation into defective ventilator supplies under the PMCARES fund in Aurangabad.

Pawar, who was visiting to review the situation of Covid-19 in the Satara district, noticed that the ventilators received from the center were not working.

“Many ventilators are available from the PMCARES fund. However, in many places these fans will not work. The fans in Pune weren’t working. After a conversation with the municipal commissioner, the technicians were called and after repairs these fans were put into operation, ”he said.

Pawar said ventilator manufacturers should be socially involved in the delivery of their product.

Meanwhile, Pawar said the state government had stepped up measures to combat mucormycosis, or black fungus disease.


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