Kinsey House in Mullica Hill offers eclectic home and garden decor in a beautiful setting


Recently opened in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, Kinsey House is a beautiful home and garden furniture store that offers an ever-changing selection of products that they describe as versatile…you’ll find that everything “just fits perfectly.”

Weather permitting, a visit to Kinsey House should be part of a fun weekend afternoon that includes a visit to nearby modernized Naples restaurants, Heritage Winery, Pitman’s Milkweed or more!

The Kinsey House Mullica Hill – Built in 1819!

The location is just off Main Street at Woodland Ave. 19. The former residential building dates back to 1819 and offers a perfect stage for the products that are displayed on 3 floors and in the separate carriage house.

They even offer snacks and drinks, also with an “eclectic” touch!

Mark of 42Freeway visited the Kinsey home for the first time during the colder months and was so impressed with the place that he returned with his wife and daughter.

If home decor is (or isn’t) your thing, the Kinsey House is one of those places that you could revisit again and again and each time find something new that catches your eye.

The entrance room at The Kinsey House Mullica Hill

It has actually been many weeks since our last visit (My apologies to Kinsey House for the delay!) and the photos you see here are from that visit…and I’d bet what they have in store today has has already changed with additional spring and summer items.

So read on to learn more about the Kinsey House, see our photos and below I’m including a video about the Kinsey House put together by Nancy Kowalik in which she meets the Kinsey House owner, Justin , interviewed.

… See something you haven’t seen every day. unique things you can find for every single person in your family and I guarantee you will find something you like!

Justin – The Kinsey House Mullica Hill

Snacks, drinks… and a really cool Wurlitzer Juke Box at The Kinsey House Mullica Hill

The Kinsey House – 1819

Kinsey House is owned by mother and son team Gina and Justin who live in the Mullica Hill area.

Have you visited the beautiful restaurants at the South Jersey Cinder Bar and really appreciated the design and decor there? Well, Gina and her husband Bob Ciconte own the Cinder Bar restaurants…which puts Justin and Gina in the driver’s seat for these design touches!

So it makes sense that the mother and son team would want to extend this experience to a beautiful home furnishings shop!

Display bathrooms adorned with fragrances, soaps and more. All for sale at The Kinsey House Mullica Hill

Originally built in 1819, Kinsey House still exudes all the charm and style of the 19th century… even with some modern upgrades.

The building consists of two floors plus a basement…which required significant improvements in the basement to make it a usable retail space.

The main building has two first floor annexes including a glass side conservatory which houses the register area and a snack and beverage area.

There are two other buildings on the property and the one ‘Carriage House’ building closest to the shop also has a variety of items for sale so don’t forget to visit!

Well, to be clear… literally everything is for sale!

And that’s not all, as the grounds have been upgraded to give it the feel of an outdoor cafe or winery. Grab a coffee or a drink at the Kinsey House and hang out!

Justin has informed us that they have plans for organized events on the property utilizing the spacious back yard.

The backyard offers multiple areas to hang out! This photo is from February, but soon the plants and flowers will bloom!
The Kinsey House on Mullica Hill

The trip

As mentioned, Mark from 42Freeway visited twice! The first time was after the holiday season when they were still transitioning from Christmas decorations to spring…so we decided I’d come back. And on this second trip, I brought my family with me.

Living room or showroom? How about both?! The Kinsey House on Mullica Hill

Both visits were led by Justin who did an excellent job of describing to us the theme of the rooms and the direction they are taking with the product selection.

Justin is clearly talented in this world and his passion for decor, design and the plans for the Kinsey House store is… well he just can’t hide it! We all really enjoyed chatting with Justin and learning about the business.

The exterior of the Kinsey House perfectly matches what you will see inside.

This is an early 19th century farmhouse which the owners have superbly furnished with modern conveniences whilst still retaining old world charm.

A children’s room furnished as you would expect, but everything is for sale! The Kinsey House on Mullica Hill

The parking lot is on the right, in front of it is a nice old blue pickup. You will also notice the carriage house.

To enter… use the side rear patio entrance which will immediately lead you into a room full of interesting items for you to peruse!

That first look is… wow, they have a lot of cool stuff here, but it’s far from over-the-top.

Which brings me to my point, although it’s not a very large house/shop (like you’d expect from a 19th century farmhouse) there is a surprising amount of things to see…and buy!

Every room in the house is now a showroom. It all fits like a house, but it’s all for sale.

“Oh wow, here’s another room!”

“Oh darling, come here, did you see that?”

“Wait what? is there more downstairs? And another building in the yard?”

It’s just a really well designed use of space.

The separate carriage house also has interesting items for sale! The Kinsey House on Mullica Hill

From the entrance area you enter what was originally a kitchen and dining area, now fittingly offering snacks and drinks.

On the right is the second extension to the house, a winter garden with other products and the cash register.

Just explains that thought has been given to cleverly theming the rooms so that they match their original use.

The children’s rooms are child-friendly.

The product mix for the bathroom is soaps and fragrances.

The basement has been transformed into a speakeasy theme, featuring decor for your home bar and even mixers for drinks.

A lot of work went into making the basement a usable showroom and Justin and Gina decided on a speakeasy theme! The Kinsey House on Mullica Hill

The separate Carriage House offers products in colonial industrial design.

The store itself is making a name for itself as a focal point, but as mentioned… there are plans to add events to the mix!

So it’s really a visual experience and here I go on and on. How about we stop rambling and just get a taste of The Kinsey House with the photos here! The bonus is that when you visit you will find 100 other things that will pique your interest!

Nancy Kowalik’s YouTube video interviewing Justin is linked below. Good job guys!

Throughout the buildings you will find products such as soaps, fragrances… even drink mixers! The Kinsey House on Mullica Hill

links and location

The Kinsey house
Waldallee 19
Mullica Hill NJ 08062





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