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Austin is a mecca for eclectic art, live music, and quirky attractions, so it’s no wonder a wonderfully unique interior design follows suit. Hold on to your hat as this Austin home is a fantastic mix of bold colors, wild patterns and artistic sophistication. Seriously, hang on your hat – there is a place to display the owner’s huge hat collection!

Located in Austin’s popular SoFi (South First Street) neighborhood, this three bedroom, three bath loft residence is the perfect size and shape for its first owner. This single 30s woman wanted an eccentric place to hang her hat (s) – literally – so she chose interior designer Maureen Stevens to bring her vision to life. The two worked on a design scheme that reflected the individuality of the owner while also establishing the vision in a cohesive style.

Interior designer Maureen Stevens says, “At our first meeting [the homeowner] stated that she had seen all the homes of her friends and families and was so tired of white / cream and dark blue couches. She wanted hers to be bolder – she loves that burgundy shade so that’s what I geared her towards. ”Plus, the homeowner loves animal prints and chose a fun cheetah fabric to cover the vintage X-Bank.

Fram TV hangs over a living room fireplace

The fireplace overlooking the back yard has a Frame TV – a picture-framed television that shows art when not in use.

Framed wall art above the house bar cart

Mixing new and vintage pieces, like the framed art under the stairs, creates an interesting, personalized space.

Close-up of the ottoman covered with crane-themed fabric in the Austin home

There are lots of animal-themed textiles throughout the house, including this crane-themed ottoman.

Sideboard from Modshop sitting in the living room at home

The sideboard of the living room by Modshop has a wall look on the front and Lucite elements.

Maureen, who divides her time between Austin and New Orleans, says she is “a modern, classic type of girl who loves old architectural details, finds found with history and panache, and mixes everything with new trends and items. I also love the subdued maximalism – subtle grandma style that is nostalgic and multi-layered, but still refreshing and tidy. “

She transformed the 2,097 square meter room by thinking outside the box with bold colors and textiles. Perhaps inspired by the house’s location on Peacock Lane, the master bedroom has a luxurious teal velvet. Both in the bed of High Fashion Home and in the extravagant window coverings, the homeowner snuggles into a blue-green dream. Together a monochrome theme unfolds – velvet on velvet, tufting with fluted folds and a cool geometric rug that brings every element together.

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Master bedroom with a monochrome teal theme in Austin Home

A plain teal theme in the form of luxurious fabrics like velvet creates a luxurious master bedroom.

Master bedroom with turquoise accents

“I wanted the master bedroom to feel sophisticated with the patterns and colors of the carpet,” Maureen says. “The rug is from Loloi, and an extra-long wicker chest of drawers was just the perfect organic element with the luxurious fabrics.”

Hall Collection as Art in the House of Austin designed by Maureen Stevens

The homeowner has a popular hat collection that is displayed on the wall as a functional work of art.

The skillful use of geometric shapes extends far beyond the master bedroom. From the steel railing and textiles in the living room to the star-shaped back wall in the kitchen, coherent graphic elements highlight the design of this house. And nowhere is this use of the geometric style more evident than in the office / guest room – Maureen drew shapes right on the wall for her assistant to paint them. The room was supplemented with a daybed from CB2, window coverings from Loft Curtains and accessories from Anthropologie, CB2, Burke Décor, Finnish Design Shop and various vintage finds. And because the homeowner owns so many hats, Maureen created a charming yet functional wall to house and display.

Framed art in the guest room

Maureen and her team created the graphic element of the guest room by painting individual shapes on the wall.

Corner of Austin Home's guest bedroom

Repeating teal colors create a sense of uniformity and cohesion.

With all the clever combinations of animal and geometric prints, curated accessories and bold colors, it only makes sense to show off the adventurous design. This homeowner is often entertaining and wanted a home to welcome and impress her guests. Their vintage bar cart is both fun and functional, and makes a great place to display heirlooms, antique glasses and bottles. Another popular place to entertain friends is the eye-catching dining room, which uses a black and white neutral animal pattern that blends with the other animal patterns throughout the house. And to put everything together, the same wallpaper from the dining room is repeated on the kitchen island, crowned with a butcher’s block and accented with brass stools from Trica Furniture.

“Everything was reduced and neutral, but with different textures,” describes Maureen from the dining room. “The transparent linen curtains in mauve-taupe add to the depth of the room; even the minimalist Scandinavian carpet. “

This vibrant Austin home is a perfect reflection of the diverse people and culture of the surrounding neighborhood. We put our hats on the cool varying colors, patterns, materials and products that merge into a wonderful design.

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Dining room with black and white patterned wallpaper

The open dining room features bold mixes of animal patterns and black and white, especially with the wallpaper.

Close up of bar stools in Austin Home

The striking wallpaper of the dining room continues in the kitchen and is complemented by stools from Five Elements in Austin.

Tiled back wall in the kitchen at home

Geometric shapes can be found in almost every room in the house, including that graphic tile back wall in the kitchen.

All photographs by Lauren Logan Photography.


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