Jaipur-based Attitudes brand combines craft and design to enhance your dressing room


“The brothers brought together a group of innovative personalities in order to deal intensively with this previously peripheral element of living culture. A trip to Italy, hours of research and development, and several discussions later, the duo decided to explore the prospect of creating not just dressing rooms but immersive spaces that go beyond functionality, ”explains Devanshi Shah, Senior Designer at Attitudes.

They decided to center everything around the craft. The brothers had a deep understanding of the local handicraft and a special mastery of leatherwork. Attitudes uses elements such as leather, brass, metal and wood to create an immersive dressing experience. “The aim is to embody all facets of preparation in order to transform rooms into experiences,” says co-founder Priyank Mehta. The brand uses a symbiosis of craft and Art Deco design for its tailor-made creations – such as changing rooms, chests of drawers, wardrobes and more. The quartet of collections shows, as Shah says, “an unmistakable design language that reinterprets the Art Deco spirit of the 1920s. A range of colors, leather details and metalwork are used to bring the collections to life. “

From the extravagant and theatrical Broadway to the richly structured sophistication of the opera, the royal-inspired modern elegance of Queens and the minimalist Art Deco reinterpretation of Nouveau – “Each collection is strategically designed to harmonize with the specific aesthetics of a room . Our range of design variants fits into the existing aesthetics of a room, from classic and opulent to contemporary and minimalist, ”explains Shah. The overall goal is therefore to work within the requirements of the customer, the vision of the architect and the room configuration. “We manufacture wardrobes and other elements of the dressing room according to the wishes of our customers or interior designers,” agrees Mehta.


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