Introduction of the all-electric high-speed machine line


LS Mtron (US subsidiary Peachtree Corners, Georgia) will showcase the ONE * -E line of all-electric injection molding machines at the Hirate America booth at Plastec West, Anaheim, Calif. April 12-14. The ONE * -E is a new fully electric injection molding machine from LS Mtron, which has a new toggle lever design for fast, best-in-class speeds (1.49 seconds drying cycle times).

The ONE * -E will hit the US in five sizes of 120, 140, 190, 310 and 390 tons, with plans to launch four more models later in 2022 -speed and thin-walled molding that is typical for packaging and medical applications.

According to LS Mtron, the machines use a new optimized toggle lever for fast cycles and precision shapes. Specifically, the company says the new toggle design allows for a 30% faster link speed ratio and a dry cycle time of just 1.49 seconds. In addition, the ONE * -E has an overall smaller footprint compared to the existing ONE * -E and shrinks from 5453 x 1499 x 1853 mm (approx. 215 x 59 x 74 inches) to 5281 x 1495 x 1800 mm (208 x ). 59 x 71 inches).

Manufactured from a rigid, one-piece casting, the ONE * -E offers reduced vibrations and shortens the injection acceleration time for thin-wall injection molding by almost four times, according to LS Mtron, from 78 ms to 20 ms. The company says the rigid construction and low inertia design also reduced the rotator’s inertia by 74%.

The control of the machine has an 18.5-inch. standard touchscreen with 21.5 inches. Option that allows users to swipe, pinch, and zoom. It also provides users with LS Mtron’s CSI monitoring and control software to get and control data using a next generation dual core CPU. The CPU structure enables the machine control to separate the architecture into main and HMI CPUs. This makes it possible to improve loading times and to offer additional modes, including the mode for optimizing the clamping force; Terminals high-speed low-vibration profile mode; High speed injection mode; Pack (or hold) print pattern selection mode; and residual pressure removal mode in the case of termination of charging.

In addition to the automatic weight control software, the ONE * -E can monitor the clamping force via a handlebar sensor in order to automatically calibrate the clamping force. There is also an auto zeroing mode for a pen shape. The machine’s dual-center press-die structure minimizes plate deformation and at the same time better distributes surface pressure in the mold, which extends tool life.

Digital load cells improve measurement control and process reproducibility. Specifically, it allows a minimized deviation through precise injection pressure and charge control; increased resolution of the servomotor encoder from 17 bits to 20 bits; improved response performance to the drive control frequency by 3.7 times; and faster Ethernet communication by 2 times.

The ONE * -E range of all-electric injection molding machines will debut in the US with five tonnages.
Photo credit: LS Mtron

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