Introducing PROJECT HOME DIY – The Hello Fresh answer to home decor design


A subscription box sent each month containing all the elements to create a unique home decor.

May 6, 2022 – Project Home DIY founder Christine Glodt and her husband Matthew created the monthly subscription box for busy women/people to have a reason to find time for a little art therapy at home in their lives. Everyday life is chaotic and planned. People need to find time to get away from the crazy and turn the volume down. Focus on one thing and let go of the rest. Walking into big home goods stores and looking at everything they have to offer can be overwhelming. Project Home DIY brings trendy home decor right to customers’ doorsteps, eliminating the fear of too many choices when shopping.

What started with 74 subscribers in April 2019 has since grown to thousands of monthly subscribers. The operation began in her garage as friends and family helped pack the boxes. And now the boxes are being shipped from a large fulfillment center in Denver, with the home base still in Cody, WY, where the couple is currently building a new Project Home DIY workshop. Project Home DIY has seen phenomenal growth in just a few short years that has continued to this day, with hundreds of customers sticking with the subscription box for over a year.

The all-in-one kits are the perfect way for busy people to take a little time for themselves. Each project includes all the elements needed to create a customized home decor each month. Christine shares tips, tricks, and tutorials to complete the project. However, each set can be adapted to suit any decor style, from boho to modern to farmhouse, so don’t worry that a box won’t fit a specific style. Subscribers also have access to an incredibly supportive online community of over 4,000 members where they can find encouragement and ideas for completing projects.

Each kit is created with great attention to detail and only the finest quality products are used. Matt, a skilled carpenter, ensures the quality control of the wood used and the craftsmanship of the build, while Christine brings her design and business expertise. These projects are unlike anything found on a store shelf as they are designed by Christine, from notepad to prototype to final design that ends up at subscribers’ doorsteps. Many projects feature screen printed mesh stencils and trendy branded colors. Monthly, 3 and 6 month prepaid subscriptions are available, and new subscribers also get a free starter kit with everything you need to get started right away. Subscriptions can be scary, but don’t worry. Project Home DIY understands the importance of keeping its subscribers updated and always sending subscribers billing reminders prior to billing. Sneak peeks are shared throughout the month to provide a glimpse of what’s coming in the next box, and the best part is that the subscriber is in control and can skip or cancel at any time.

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