I’m an interior designer – what your home decor says about your personality, from ‘safe’ to ‘pretentious’ & aged looking


WITH bold furniture and modern accent pieces in the mix, if you’re into interior design, you may be aware of the endless ways you can beautify your home.

And, from boho to cottage core, your preferences say a lot about who you are as a person, according to one interiors expert.


Interior designer Reeves Connelly has listed what he thinks different interior styles say about a personPhoto credit: Tik Tok / reevcon
If you like bohemian decor, Conelly suggested you might be "hot"


If you’re into bohemian decor, Conelly suggested that maybe you’re just “horny.”Photo credit: Tik Tok / reevcon

in one Video Interior designer Reeves Connelly critiqued various interior design trends and revealed what the different aesthetics can say about his lovers.

If you’re into the simplicity that minimalism offers, with its monochromatic color palettes and simple furniture, Connelly says you’re choosing the safest option.

“Maybe a little overrated, but still good,” he remarked.

For lovers of the contrastingly loud bohemian aesthetic, Connelly asked if you’re keen on it because it’s really good, or if you’re just “really horny.”

When it came to the eclectic maximalism trend, he simply claimed, “Okay, we get it, you like that!”

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Using bare lightbulbs, graphic lines and repurposed materials, Connelly acknowledged that industrial decor isn’t for everyone.

But for those who embrace this style, Connelly said they’re “totally relaxed” because not everyone likes it that way.

For art deco lovers, the interior expert classifies them as “in the classics”.

And for lovers of the Tuscan style, Connelly called them “old”, with people with traditional decor worthy of the title “really old”.

“Your social security number is two,” the reviewer said of those who love the elegant moldings and carved wood that encompass the neoclassical style.

“You’re a pretentious hipster,” he said of Bauhaus decor enthusiasts.

When it came to the beach theme, Connelly found those in the know of this coastal aesthetic prisonworthy. “Officer, it’s this one, right here,” he quipped.

“Oh you’re cool, I like you,” the interior designer said of Mediterranean likers.

“No way, do you really know him? Can we be friends?” he said of the rarer organic modern aesthetic.

For lovers of the luxe furniture and fur accessories that glamorous decor offers, Connelly said it’s “just a phase” and they’ll grow out of it when they grow up.

In contrast, he said to the eclectic lovers of Memphis, “You’ll never grow up.”

“Oh you picked this one to be different, how smart,” Connelly dismissed the cottage core lovers outright.

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“If you chose this one, you are a liar. Nobody likes that,” he said of the country style.

And for the grand finale, Connelly, referring to the mid-century decor with its clean lines, muted tones, graphic shapes and vibrant colors, affirmed: “If you’ve chosen this one, you’re right. This is the best.”

Connelly said that glamor is decor "only one phase" and lovers of this trend will grow from it


Connelly said that glamorous decor is “just a phase” and lovers of this trend will grow from itPhoto credit: Tik Tok / reevcon
Connelly praised the mid-century decor as the best interior style


Connelly praised the mid-century decor as the best interior stylePhoto credit: Tik Tok / reevcon

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