Homes in the Atkins-Porter neighborhood honored for Christmas decorations | Local news


Homes in the historic Atkins-Porter neighborhood tend to give it their all when it comes to Christmas decorations, so the Paris Utility Authority (PUA) holds an annual event to showcase the neighborhood’s best displays.

In collaboration with the Historic Atkins-Porter Neighborhood Association (HAPNA), seven awards were given for the best Christmas lights at the fifth annual Gift of Light event.

Award-winning homes on Thompson, Alexander, Walnut, Blakemore and Dunlap Streets and Whitehall Circle, as well as the Botanical Gardens on Jackson Street and Atkins-Porter Recreation Center highlight the community that makes up HAPNA and has done an extensive amount of work to preserve that Area and show it.

“If you have kids this is a great area to see lights as the houses are close together. If it’s a nice night, we recommend walking. Many neighbors have inflatable figures that children will recognize while others are more traditional, ”said Rachel Terrell, President of HAPNA.

According to the PUA, the winners were selected by an external jury.

“We are very excited to be working with HAPNA on this fifth annual event. These neighbors did a great job and the judges had a lot of work to choose the winner, ”said Terry Wimberley, President / CEO of PUA.

The row of houses on Dunlap Street received a collective award for “Most Appealing Street” with large displays including Santa on a roof, beautifully lit trees, and a display that “feels like the French Quarter in New Orleans,” as it is by Meagan Hart. was written, PUA manager for branding solutions and strategic communication.

Matthew Towne from 701 Alexander St. won the “Best Yard” with lighted tree trunks, explosions and a lighted driveway.

The “Best Porch” award was given to Jason and Krystel Bucher at 312 Thompson St. Her family just moved into the neighborhood this year. Their entire courtyard was decorated, but a festive veranda caught the judges’ attention.

“I hope that inspires more people on our street to put some lights on next year,” said Jason Bucher.

Barry and Rhonda Hart of 507 Walnut St. won “Best Religious Decoration” for a lighted nativity scene, first made in the 1950s and used in the Avalon Restaurant that belonged to Rhonda Hart’s parents.

The Price family at 422 Whitehall Circle won “Best House” with glittering lights that glow on the roof.

Heather and James Painter at 206 Blakemore St. won the Clark Griswold Award with a garden full of bouncy castles, more than 30 Christmas trees and even music.

Eventually, Donna Motter won Judge’s Favorite of 322 Walnut St. Their range of decorations includes an inflatable snowman pulled by dachshunds, small trees, a fireplace and two large gift pillars next to the front door.

“I’ve been decorating for Christmas for four years, adding a little more each time. Apart from the blowups, I do almost everything myself, ”says Motter. “The fireplace is made of cardboard boxes and plastic tablecloths, and the large spheres are made up of two plastic sieves, lights and a small ribbon. My neighbors liked them so much that I made them myself too. I even made the elves and the stars. I really enjoy it.”

The public is invited to drive or stroll freely through the neighborhood until the end of the year.


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