Google is working with PC manufacturers to bring the best of Android to Windows


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  • Google is now working with the leading PC manufacturers to improve the capabilities of Windows PCs for Android.
  • Fast Pair, a new feature that makes it easier and faster for Windows users to pair with Android devices.
  • With the new Smart Lock System, Android Wear devices can unlock Android smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks faster.

Google plans to work with Windows PC manufacturers to ensure their flagship smartphones are compatible with the most popular operating system on the market.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2022, Google announced that it would partner with Acer, HP and Intel to bring new features to Windows PCs for Android.

Fast couple

One of the most exciting developments at Microsoft’s annual conference is Fast Pair, a Bluetooth feature that makes pairing Android devices with Windows-based laptops quick and easy.

This includes Android features like syncing text messages and sharing files using Near Share, which behaves similarly to Apple’s AirDrop.

In addition to the Android and Windows integration, the Bluetooth connection between devices is made easier with the new Fast Pair function. This will hit Windows PCs later in 2022.

Among other announcements at the annual consumer tech conference, Google unveiled Fast Pair, a feature that is expected to not only work with Windows.

Windows and Android integration

Windows integration is supposed to help Android users be more productive, but it is hoped that it will also make the Android experience nicer and easier.

By pairing Bluetooth devices like headphones with other smart products like TVs and Chromebooks, users can hear audio from these devices through their headphones.

The growth in connectivity between devices is supported by Matter, a new standard that is about to be introduced and which will improve connectivity between the Internet and smart devices.

If you work in an office and are responsible for taking notes on a smartphone that you later need to take to the office to share with coworkers, you will likely enjoy Windows Phone’s simple file sharing feature.

In addition to Fast Pair, Google unveiled a dozen other software-related announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, all of which will be useful to consumers – though one feature businesses might appeal is unlocking devices faster.

Portable devices

Android phones have worked with Chromebooks for years. Now Google is extending this functionality to smartwatches with Wear OS.

Android Wear devices can unlock Android phones, tablets and Chromebooks faster with the new Smart Lock system.

BMW will use the same technology in its cars to unlock the doors when an Android phone is detected.

BMW users who have cell phones with ultra-wideband technology can unlock their vehicle without taking their cell phone out of their pockets.

Which features are the most exciting when integrating Windows and Android? Let us know in the comment section below.

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