Furjan Wadi Lusail wants to strengthen Barwa’s position at the local, regional level


Barwa said on Sunday that his Furjan Wadi Lusail Development, which spans more than 3.48 million
The proposed project, which is located in the northern part of Lusail City, is surrounded by a number of streets and tram stops. It will include up to 1,700 villas and residential apartments.
The proposed project includes all major facilities such as kindergartens, schools, shops, clubs, restaurants, mosques, public areas, health centers, green spaces, bodies of water, streets and paved sidewalks.
“Upon completion of the study and the start of the project, Furjan Wadi Lusail Development will strengthen Barwa’s status as the developer of the largest strategic real estate projects in Qatar and strengthen its leadership role at the local and regional level,” said HE Salah bin Ghanem bin Nasser al-Ali, Minister for Culture and Sports and Chairman of the Barwa Real Estate Group.
Furjan Wadi Lusail Development is a distinctive housing project, inspired by the Qatari environment, expressing the culture and identity of Qatar, and the nature of daily life and components of the ancient Qatari Furjan (neighborhood) through its special designs, namely Al Sikka (street) and Al Baraha (relaxation area), which support the privacy of the residents and give them a touch of Islamic architecture with contemporary integrated technology.
“The Qatari city is the model that Furjan Wadi Lusail Development is aiming for by capturing the Qatari heritage mixed in one place with elements of modernity to attract lovers of the Qatari city heritage and architectural identity,” said Abdullah bin. , CEO of the Barwa Group said Jubara al-Rumaihi on the sidelines of Cityscape Qatar 2021, which started yesterday.
During the design phase of this groundbreaking project, attention should be drawn to highlighting the ancient Qatari architectural identity and the nature of daily life in the country, while capitalizing on the development and transformation that Qatar has on urban, economic, social and cultural renaissance through the optimal Use of local architectural elements and the integration of historical methods with modern technology to reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources.
“The idea of ​​the project design will take the form of a group of Furjan, which gives it real social dimensions and reflects the essence of the word Freej, which reflects family bond, social solidarity and the children’s meeting place in a way that affirms Qatari culture and preserved, which is depicted in the imagination and the minds of Qatari society, “said HE al-Ali.
The location of the proposed project in the modern, promising and smart city of Lusail is an important part of the success of its goals, in particular that the proximity to the water and leisure and sports facilities in Lusail City will add more aesthetic elements to the project.
Al-Rumaihi said the project study would ensure that parking spaces are developed in modern and different ways, promoting the concept of underground parking, which many residents of houses or villas may not be used to, as well as the design of similar buildings is the Qatari citizen it used to while adding all the touches of old Freej’s lifestyle.
“Barwa Real Estate Group’s plans to explore new investment opportunities deepen the principle of their strategic partnership with the government of Qatar by presenting various projects that keep pace with city and population growth and investment thinking to reach Qatar National Vision 2030, ”he said.

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