Five classic point-and-click adventure games that have stood the test of time


Point-and-click adventures are one of the oldest genres in the gaming world: fans have been clicking and puzzling their way through bizarre worlds, science fiction dramas and classic knight tales since the mid-1980s.

Many of the true classics are still available in updated versions (and they’re comparatively cheap). These five are still among the best in their genre today.

Day of the tentacles – Time travel in a port-a-loo

Day of the tentacles is downright bizarre from start to finish. Three friends travel back in time in a portable toilet trying to stop a purple tentacle from taking over the world.

The absurd story is presented in a feverish aesthetic full of impossible architectural elements, crooked angles, and curved interiors. It is precisely this mixture that makes “Day of the Tentacle” a real classic.

The game offers exciting time travel adventures with challenging but never unfair puzzles. And where else can you zoom into the 18th century in a mobile toilet and watch the American founding fathers at work?

The Secret of Monkey Island – “Behind you a three-headed monkey!”

This strange exclamation comes from another classic: The Secret of Monkey Island. Young Guybrush Threepwood dreams of becoming a pirate in this humorous game.

Players help him on this mission and experience dozen of hilarious moments on the journey as well as a scary showdown with a zombie villain. Add lovingly detailed graphics and a catchy soundtrack and you have a game with a lot of charm.

How much fun The Secret of Monkey Island This is proven by his reputation with the fans. Despite more than 30 years of experience, the game is still one of the most famous and popular point-and-click titles of all time.

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade – a holy grail quest

Alongside Lara Croft, Indiana Jones is probably the most famous archaeologist in the world. The bull whip-wielding daredevil starred in both games and films, and the 1989 game Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade made him search for both his father and the Holy Grail.

The game basically tells the same story as the film that was released that year, but the game keeps deviating from the original film. Dozens of puzzles await you, as well as one of the most beautiful and elaborate intro sequences of the entire genre.

If you play “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade” today, you can look forward to a lot: lots of humor, lots of puzzles, including some real head scratches, and some beautiful pixel landscapes.

The ditch – Solve difficult puzzles on an earthbound asteroid

The ditch it’s also about archeology in a way. However, in this game the players do not rummage through ancient ruins and desert landscapes, but find themselves on the surface of an asteroid that is hurtling towards earth. A small expedition team that is supposed to blow up the dangerous rock comes across a surprising discovery.

We won’t reveal more because The ditch is most exciting when you don’t know too much about history. Originally, a film of the same name was supposed to be released at the same time as the game in 1995, but that never happened. Superstar director Steven Spielberg was one of the creative impulses behind the original project.

The game is already worth it today, because it stages an exciting drama in the depths of the room in which five researchers play the main role. It’s full of twists and turns and gets extremely tricky at times.

Simon the magician – unexpectedly called to save the world

Simon, the main character in Simon the magicianHe is a completely normal teenager who one day suddenly ends up in a fantasy world thanks to a magical book. Now he has to become a mage and put an end to the main villain Sordid.

The inhabitants of his new world are bizarre and weird, such as revolution-hungry socialist woodworms, a conspicuous bridge troll and a princess in pig form. Humor is and is very important in this 1993 adventure Simon the magician a very fun adventure.

There are plenty of fun moments and encounters for the long-suffering Simon, and it makes for a solid point-and-click adventure with imaginative puzzles and beautifully pixelated landscapes. – dpa

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