Factrees, a new procurement platform for manufacturers, salespeople and distributors, is officially launched


LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA – Factrees, a networking platform that simplifies the search for high-quality sourcing partners, has been launched.

Connecting manufacturers, salespeople and distributors is now easy, fast and cost-effective, having implemented a platform that brings sourcing partners together based on product lines, territory, services offered and business relationships.

“Factrees is the new kid on the block,” said Keith Williams, Co-Founder and CEO of Factrees, as he announced the launch of the B2B networking platform that will revolutionize the way people buy. “Factrees’ searchable B2B network of manufacturers, independent salespeople, distributors, wholesalers and retailers is the place to go to forge the best connections and partnerships to grow your business.”

Williams added that the searchable network makes it easy for customers to find the best sourcing partners with the industry’s leading AI-powered search engine and filters.

With Factrees, companies showcase their experience and reputation by showing their relationships with manufacturers and distributors. Users can submit ratings and reviews of their business partners, which other users on the platform can use to rate potential sourcing partners. In addition, Factrees’ messaging function enables users to notify each other directly and to hold real-time video conferences within the platform.

“We’re creating a sourcing community that will simplify and accelerate the process of finding quality sourcing partners while reducing reliance on word of mouth and trade show marketing to drive growth,” said Williams, pointing out that the sourcing landscape is vast and extreme is fragmented. Factrees offers a much-needed solution for this extremely fragmented market.

This is how Facttrees works

  • Users create company profiles that expand their presence with sourcing partners across the country. Factrees enables companies to quickly and easily connect to get products from the factory to the customers.
  • Find and claim the company using the claim button and email confirmation and the networking process begins
  • Complete the profile adding details that the entire Factrees network can see
  • Publish the profile when you are satisfied and start building contacts by inviting your business partners to join the network

Before launch

Before the platform was released for general use, Factrees invited selected companies to a free early access to test the most important functions. These customers were allowed to create their company profiles before the start. Features that were available for early access included:

  • Entitlement to the company profile
  • Area coverage specification
  • Define the categories and industries that the user supports
  • Assign business partner

The early access should also inform Factrees about the performance of the platform and offer the opportunity to work on the areas in which customers made suggestions for improvement.

According to Factrees representatives, customers were eagerly awaiting the introduction. Courtney Little, President of Ace Glass, who attended the beta said, “Factrees is a great solution that provides efficient tools and processes to help manufacturers and agents connect easily.” The platform is not only helpful for manufacturers, sales representatives and distributors who have participated in Early Access. They also hailed it as a simple and detailed way to promote business. “There is a wave of realignment between manufacturers and sales representatives. Factrees offers valuable tools; a professional approach to connect and bring all manufacturers together with quality sales representatives, ”said Ron Smith, Curtis Stout President & CEO, adding that he warmly recommends Factrees for its positive business impact.


When it comes to pricing, company representatives say it’s free to sign up and create a profile, but there will be monthly subscriptions for more advanced features and information. “The Factrees platform will be completely free for users to browse the network, claim / create a company profile, and publish that profile across the network,” said the representative, adding that users will be able to Find high quality sourcing partners and evaluate them based on relevant data and connect them all in one place.

Further information is available at: www.factrees.com


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