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From Kevin Deutsch

State authorities temporarily closed a Coral Springs BurgerFi earlier this month for hygiene violations, records show.

Inspectors with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation closed the restaurant at 2700 N. University Dr., Suite 2716, on Dec. 1 after “live small flying insects were found in the kitchen, food prep area, grocery storage area, and / or bar area,” state inspection records show.

The inspectors said they saw seven flying insects in the kitchen, including four that landed on a food-preparation table next to some ground beef. They saw about 15 more flying insects in the restaurant’s sink area, landing on clean and dirty utensils.

According to the records, they also spotted about ten of the insects that ended up on sacks and raw potatoes in the dry store.

Among other hygienic problems, the inspectors said a wall was “soiled with accumulated grease, food debris and / or dust”, with a “mold-like deposit on the wall in the dishwashing area”.

The inspection was based on a complaint, as the records show.

After the shutdown, BurgerFi was allowed to clean up. According to the records, when the inspectors returned the next day, they found fewer violations, but none justified keeping the restaurant closed.

BurgerFi reopened on December 2nd.

The state conducts public inspections of restaurants and hotels to ensure compliance with Florida sanitary and safety laws.

According to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, each inspection report is a “snapshot” of the conditions at the time of the inspection.

“On any given day, a facility may have fewer or more violations than was detected during its last inspection,” the agency said. “An inspection performed on a given day may not be representative of the overall long-term conditions in the facility. Since the conditions can change quickly, companies are not graded or assessed. “

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