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An electric motorcycle builder and a company that uses algae oil extract as a feed additive to reduce methane emissions from farm animals are two of the most recent recipients of co-investments through the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Center (AMGC) commercialization fund.

The fourth and fifth tranches of the Commercialization Fund, which is part of the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative and managed in consultation with the other Industry Growth Centers, have been awarded to ten Australian manufacturers.

Just over half of the $ 30 million has now been allocated to 31 projects. Collectively, the 31 successful projects will result in $ 49.8 million being invested in manufacturing, with $ 33 million coming from the industry itself.

Electric dreams – Savic Motorcycles

The Victorian manufacturer Savic Motorcycles, which develops and builds high-performance battery-electric motorcycles, was among the winners in the last round. With a total project commitment of $ 1.14 million, Savic received $ 657,000 from the Commercialization Fund.

Tasmanian company Sea Forest received $ 675,000 from the Commercialization Fund to develop and manufacture a novel method of providing oil-based asparagopsis algae as an additive to feed solutions for dairy, cattle and wool cattle to radically reduce digestive methane emissions. The total project commitment for Sea Forest was $ 3.24 million.

“These projects represent the ability of Australian manufacturers to produce complex things – from feedstuffs that reduce methane emissions in farm animals to portable dialysis machines for emerging markets,” said AMGC Managing Director Jens Goennemann.

“Australian manufacturers are extremely innovative and competitive when they get the right support.”

The other successful Commercialization Fung Fellows were:

MolyCop (NSW) – Recycling – Develop and scale recycled rubber from tires, conveyor belts, and boots for use as a hydrogen and carbon input to make green steel. Total project commitment $ 2.4 million ($ 750,000 from the Commercialization Fund)

Sleeping knees (VIC) – Medical – Commercialization of the revolutionary REMi system, which embeds flexible, soft sensors in a medical mattress protector for the elderly care sector. REMi will assist elderly care workers with fall prevention, pressure ulcer management and nighttime monitoring by collecting data in a non-invasive and unobtrusive manner. Total Project Commitment $ 1.95 million ($ 872,004 from the Commercialization Fund)

Nexxis (WA) – Resources Technology & Critical Minerals Processing – Nexxis, in partnership with CSIRO’s Data61, will market Magneto, its multi-link, climbing facility inspection robot. Magneto is used where access is difficult or dangerous and is able to carry out complex, confined spaces and inspections on onshore and offshore oil rigs, subsea installations, mining operations, infrastructure and defense projects. Total Project Commitment $ 1.86 million ($ 675,002 from the Commercialization Fund)

mrecognize (VIC) – Resources Technology & Critical Minerals Processing – Development of a scalable manufacturing process for Muon Devices to provide an early warning system for monitoring tailings dams in mining. Total Project Commitment $ 1.47 million ($ 248,191 from the Commercialization Fund)

Samsara (NSW) – Recycling – In partnership with the Australian National University (ANU), Woolworths and Main Sequence Ventures, Samsara will build a pilot plant with a novel plastic recycling plant and a process with revolutionary enzyme technology. Total Project Commitment $ 1.14 million ($ 568,491 from the Commercialization Fund)

Ellen medical devices (NSW) – Medical Devices – Manufacture and Validate an Inexpensive Portable Peritoneal Dialysis System for Developing Countries where there is a significant need for affordable home dialysis. Total project commitment $ 1.04 million ($ 427,500 from the Commercialization Fund)

Zetifi (NSW) – Food and Beverage – Commercializing ZetiBase, a highly available wireless network gateway for regional and remote businesses. Total Project Commitment $ 812,000 ($ 396,000 from the Commercialization Fund)

Kinaltek (NSW) – Resources Technology & Critical Minerals Processing – Trials and scale-up of proprietary technology for the manufacture of metal alloy powders based on 27 different elements used in additive manufacturing. The success of the project will enable the local manufacturing and export of metal alloy powders to begin. Total Project Commitment $ 1.19 million ($ 500,000 from the Commercialization Fund)

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