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Dr. Abubakkar’s colonial mansion in Kalpetta, Wayanad District, has become the talk of the town for its stylish features and incredible amenities. The house, which stands in 15 cents, was built according to the likes and preferences of the family members. The owner has three daughters; So he wanted four bedrooms in the house. It was the owner himself who suggested the colonial theme as he wanted his dream home to look unique.

The perfect symmetry of the elevation immediately attracts attention. The sloping roof on both sides looks exactly the same. The eye-catching color palette and design windows are some of the elements that play a central role in achieving this symmetry. The car porch was built separately so it doesn’t interfere with this design sequence. A truss roof was installed over the flat roof to make the view symmetrical. In the meantime, the area under the roof could be used as a multi-purpose room. The composite wall also features the same color theme to complement the main structure.

Designed on an area of ​​300 m², this amazing property features a car porch, seating, formal and family living areas, dining area, kitchen with study area, four bedrooms, an upper hallway, study area and balcony.

The formal living area was designed on the theme of the Arab majlis and looks opulent. In addition, this area is arranged in a recessed style, that is, a few meters below the floor of the house. Meanwhile, a sliding glass door ensures enough privacy. From the formal living area one could enter the spacious hall, in which the dining area, the family living room and the stairwell are arranged.

The double height ceiling of the dining area helps make this space look and feel incredibly bigger. The warm-toned pendant lights, on the other hand, give this area a pleasant ambience. The majestic dining table can comfortably seat up to eight guests. Here the folding glass door opens to the courtyard. The family living area is cozy with comfortable sofas and a TV.

The galley kitchen is compact and elegant. Part of the nano-white worktop could also be used as a breakfast area. Stylish high chairs have been arranged here. Abubakker’s wife says this feature helps her keep track of her children as they study.

The bedrooms have been designed according to the wishes of each family member. The children’s room is beautifully furnished with a bunk bed and an attractive sky-blue motif wallpaper. Storage rooms, work rooms and attached bathrooms are also arranged in addition to the bedrooms.

The family credits architect Cindu for designing such a fabulous home that has all the modern conveniences on a 15 cent lot. “The most amazing thing about this house is that every room was designed strictly according to the rules of vastusastra. This makes for excellent cross ventilation and also fills the interiors with positive vibes. In addition, this positive energy is also reflected in the mood of the family members. I was personally very satisfied with this project, ”says Cindu.

Project facts

Location – Kalpetta, Wayanad

Land – 15 cents

Area – 3000 SFT

Owner – Dr. Abubakkar

Architect – Cindu V

Cindu V Tech, Trivandrum and Calicut

Mob – 8606460404

Completion year – April 2021

Images – Achil Komachy



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