ClearFlame Reaches Manufacturing and Advances Milestones


ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a company that removes diesel fuel from diesel engines and enables rapid decarbonization for hard-to-electrify heavy-duty industries, announced that it has achieved a number of important milestones through multiple partnerships with customers, manufacturers and fuel providers. These achievements underscore the company’s ability to leverage existing infrastructure in the transportation sector, giving it a clear advantage to quickly scale and move to commercialization.

These announcements include:

    • Signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with Reviva and Vander Haag’s Inc. and their successful integration of ClearFlame’s technology into a Class 8 truck, confirming the ability to seamlessly scale ClearFlame’s technology using existing transportation solution providers and supply chain bring to.

    •The start of ClearFlame’s first pilot fleet trial with Beck’s, highlighting strong interest from commercial fleets.

    •The first-ever retail sale of E98 ethanol fuel, with CIE (Central Indiana Ethanol), CountryMark and Co-Alliance Cooperative Inc. acting as forecourt partners for Beck’s and benefiting from an existing network for national ethanol distribution.

BJ Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of ClearFlame, noted, “As these cross-industry partnerships demonstrate, our innovative heavy-duty engine decarbonization technology can be effectively integrated in the short term and scaled quickly in the United States – not years in. This is especially so in industries like heavy-duty transportation of vital importance. By using an already existing ecosystem and infrastructure, ClearFlame’s solution not only brings us to our climate goals faster, but also more cost-effectively – and saves the fleets money, without an environmental premium.”

Johnson continued, “The speed and agility with which Indiana’s Ethanol Fuel Coalition has been able to come together to provide E98 fuel for our truck powered by Beck’s further underscores just how easy it will be for ClearFlame’s technology to rapidly adapt to… to scale fleets across the country. Ethanol is already sold nationwide via fuel dispensers. Not only is it widely available, but it has also proven to be a much greener fuel, with significantly lower CO2 emissions than diesel and significant cost savings.”

Julie Blumreiter, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of ClearFlame, added, “These pivotal milestones for ClearFlame are further proof of the flexibility and agility of our technology, which continues to achieve each technological milestone at incredible speed. Our partnerships with Reviva and Vander Haag’s, Inc. show that we can act extremely quickly to seamlessly capitalize on the existing ecosystem of engine rebuilders and more than 250,000 mechanics already servicing diesel engines in the United States today, without additional infrastructure investments, tools or complicated workout. And by working with fleet partners like Beck’s, we will continue with extensive durability testing and validation of our technology, keeping our lower-cost solution on track for successful commercialization in late 2023.”

reintegration of the engine

As part of ClearFlame’s engine modification agreements, Minneapolis-based Reviva has been appointed as ClearFlame’s premier engine overhaul partner, responsible for integrating ClearFlame’s kit into existing Cummins X15 engines; Motors have a two-year warranty. Reviva has partnered with ClearFlame to offer customers cleaner fuel options. Reviva has been providing quality remanufactured engines and engine components for over 70 years. Reviva is the largest privately held diesel engine remanufacturer in North America and its engines are available from most aftermarket truck component suppliers and major truck dealerships in the United States and Canada. Vander Haag’s, Inc., with nine locations throughout the Midwest, will act as the vehicle integrator and reinstall the ClearFlame engines into Class 8 trucks. In addition to being the vehicle integrator, Vander Haag’s, Inc. will leverage its parts distribution network to provide components for initial integration as well as ongoing parts support. Both companies, seasoned veterans in the high performance engine modification industry, are building on their long history of providing excellent service and support to customers with new services to demonstrate a renewed focus on today’s demand and customer needs.

Beck’s, the largest family-owned seed retailer in the United States and the third largest seed brand, is ClearFlame’s first official pilot. During the pilot, the truck will accumulate mileage and travel long distances under various operating conditions, as well as short distances between the company’s Indiana locations, with a variety of different load types. Several further pilot projects with other companies are also planned by the end of the year.

ClearFlame expects to commercialize its engine modification technology by the end of 2023. The company is currently working with the EPA to obtain all environmental permits; Trucks currently run under EPA exemption.

Ethanol Fuel Coalition

While ClearFlame’s technology is fuel agnostic and can run on any clean fuel, its current engines run on ethanol, which is widely available as a blending component in the United States but is not currently for sale. To provide E98 for the ClearFlame-modified truck with Beck’s, a group of Indiana fuel suppliers came together and created the first coalition to enable the use of ethanol as a truck fuel. These included Central Indiana Ethanol (as a manufacturer), CountryMark (as a distributor), and Co-Alliance Cooperative Inc. (as a fuel retailer).

savings measures

As previously announced, an independent study conducted by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA) has shown that ClearFlame’s technology reduces overall costs while meeting sustainability goals earlier than currently available alternatives.

    •ClearFlame-enabled trucks are expected to have the lowest total cost of ownership compared to diesel, natural gas, electric and hydrogen platforms.

    •ClearFlame’s cost per mile is expected to be significantly lower than electric and hydrogen platforms – 40 percent less than electric and 30 percent less than hydrogen.

    •ClearFlame can provide a fast and cost-effective path to significant greenhouse gas (GHG) and tailpipe emissions reductions compared to other sustainable fuels and technologies whose practical challenges such as cost, range, infrastructure and fuel availability are slowing adoption.

    •ClearFlame is estimated to offer a 42 percent life cycle CO2 reduction compared to diesel and approximately 22 percent fewer greenhouse gases than battery electric vehicles, based on the nationwide average grid mix.


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