Chickasaw students receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Medal after making prosthetics


CHICKASAW, Ala. (WALA) – Students from Life Changer Manufacturing recently returned from trips to Honduras and El Salvador, where they fitted amputees with prosthetic legs they had made on a 3D printer at Chickasaw High School.

“It was emotional. Very emotional,” said Benjamin Cruz. “We saw the people and they were so amazing, so kind to us, so rewarding and welcoming”

This ceremony was all about the life changers who received the Presidential Volunteer Service Medal.

“It’s worth it,” Cruz said. “Not many people get the opportunity to receive the volunteer award like this, so I think it’s cool that I had the opportunity.”

One by one, students and teachers were presented with their medals by Rep. Jerry Carl and retired Army Sergeant Noah Galloway, who wore one of the legs the students made.

“For a person who’s not only amputated but is also wearing our leg, that’s a very, very satisfying feeling,” Cruz added.

“To know that some of the students appreciated having a man like me, an injured veteran, who came just to support them and say it means even more that I was able to present this award incredible because it’s really an honor for me,” said Sergeant Noah Galloway.

Her work is also recognized by other schools across the country, who are now reaching out to Chickasaw to start their own life changer manufacturing program

“We’re going to have Life Changers Phoenix and Life Changers Babcock Ranch Florida soon,” said manufacturing instructor Brian Copes. “It’s just exciting, so to see other schools coming in and collaborating with us and sort of being sister schools with us.”

After their last two trips, Life Changer Manufacturing actually gave out all of the prosthetic legs they made. They say they are preparing to make more soon so they can care for amputees in other countries next school year.

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