Best sustainable Christmas decorations 2021


This year, decorate the halls in an environmentally friendly way with the best sustainable Christmas decorations for 2021.

It seems like Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year, Michael Bublé is thawed and ready to go faster than you can say “trick or treating”.

While stores are already showing off the Christmas decorations on the holiday weekend in August, invest in a few pieces that you don’t have to buy new every year. We all want to do our part to help the planet, and by swapping out your plastic balls and tinsel for lovingly handcrafted Christmas tree ornaments, garlands, Christmas tree skirts, wreaths, and more, you can create a winter wonderland that is a bit friendlier to the surrounding area.

Below are our most popular sustainable Christmas decorations that will help you enjoy a guilt-free holiday season in style.

Best sustainable Christmas decorations

Sue Ryder Dashund Christmas Decoration

(Photo credit: Sue Ryder)

1. Sue Ryder Handmade Dachshund

Reasons to buy

+Biodegradable+Glue free

Biodegradable, plastic-free, and glue-free, this super cute Dachshund tree ornament from the National Health Care charity Sue Ryder is an adorable addition to any Christmas tree. 100% of the profit goes towards supporting the palliative, neurological and grief counseling of the charity.

Silver ball garland hanging on the fireplace

(Image credit: Silver Mushroom)

2. Silver mushroom Nkuku Ekiti Christmas ornament garland

Reasons to buy

+Made from recycled glass and natural jute

This beautiful garland made of recycled glass and natural jute gives every fireplace a nice festive touch.

Soy candle in a wax jar next to a white and red striped box

(Photo credit: Glasshouse Fragrances)

3. Glasshouse Naughty and Nice soy candle

Reasons to buy

+Festive scent+Vegan friendly

The scented candle Glasshouses Naughty and Nice, which is popular with fans, is made of vegan-friendly soy wax and is presented in a beautiful glass vessel that serves as an elegant vase long after the sweet candy cane scented candle has burned down.

Bouquet of flowers with green and forest motifs

(Photo credit: Serenata Flowers)

4. Woodland Wonders Foliage Bouquet

Reasons to buy

+Festive scent +Takes two weeks

Bring in the outdoors with festive foliage. This seasonal bouquet lasts about two weeks and contains red Hypericum berries, spruce, conifer, Latvian pine and a hint of cinnamon.

White linen napkins with signs of the zodiac

(Image credit: The last line)

5. Zodiac Star linen napkins, set of 4

Reasons to buy

+Hand embroidered +Cosmic theme

Popular with celebrities, The Last Line jewelry brand has expanded into the homeware space with a selection of playful designs to take your table landscape to the next level. The Zodiac Star Linen napkins are hand-embroidered and give your Christmas dinner – and beyond – a touch of shimmer!

7. Handmade crocheted Christmas decorations

Can you buy sustainable Christmas decorations?

Wondering where to get your hands on the best sustainable Christmas decorations? A good place to start is with sites like Etsy and Amazon handcraft Selling unique and handcrafted items from small businesses and independent sellers around the world.

Additionally, sourcing sustainable and environmentally friendly Christmas decorations from charities and thrift stores adds to the magic of the holiday season. You not only decorate your home with special favorite pieces, but also donate to a good cause.

Hayley Comber-Berry, director at Treemendous Change, has found that more and more people are taking steps to lead greener lives.

“I work closely with individuals and companies on site who want to offset their carbon footprint. This year I noticed that a lot of people are planning to reuse / recycle their Christmas decorations, ”she tells woman & home. “There has been a huge increase in DIY recycling tutorials here, especially on TikTok. From origami stars from old books to reusing cardboard to make garlands and decorations. Many people also go in search of food this year to make their own wreaths and centerpieces. “

The fabric and handicraft brand JOANN is committed to ethical procurement. Chief Marketing Officer Rob Will notes:

“We source products from all over the world and one of the most important things we can do is make sure they are made in the best possible way. In terms of the treatment of factory workers, the wages they receive and most importantly the sustainability of the factories we do business with. We keep our factories to the very highest standards, much like retailers who are much, much bigger than we are. And that’s because we firmly believe that we want our products to come from a very good place where because we know they are going to a great place when they arrive here in the US. “


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