Best minimalist decor and furniture according to interior designers


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  • Minimalist decor can be good for complementing architectural features and creating an understated, elegant home.
  • Interior designers gave us advice on how to create a warm space with textures, colors and fabrics.
  • Here are 25 furniture and decor pieces that can help you achieve a minimalist aesthetic at home.

An aesthetically minimalist home could be on your Pinterest board, with a living room full of appealing, simple accent pieces and neutral walls. Aesthetic minimalism is an approach to curating a home that focuses on simplicity and functionality.

There are other types of minimalism that are more about the lifestyle you lead, but some people are simply drawn to a more minimalist look in the home. The lack of clutter can be a great tool for highlighting a space’s architectural features, but it can also be easier to keep clean and maintained.

We spoke to interior designers for styling tips, product recommendations, and where to start if you want to be minimal with your decor. From functional and simple furniture pieces to naturally woven rugs, here are 25 home accessories that will help you make your minimalist Pinterest board a reality.


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