Architect Naomi Terada’s Japanese home is uplifting


This Japanese house is steeped in 1960s optimism

The private residence of the architect Naoki Terada in Tokyo pays homage to the bright future vision of the 1960s

Even before entering the private home of the Japanese architect Naoki Terada in Tokyo’s main residential district Suginami, you get the feeling that this Japanese house (and its owner) is something special. Next to the entrance, the oversized eye of an exact copy of the HAL 9000 interface from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey stares at you. Terada’s HAL has been reprogrammed to function only as a benign video door entry system, but the love for the future of the late 1960s is evident in this Japanese home.

“I love the way people used to think of the future as something exciting to look forward to. Nowadays, with climate change and other issues, the future looks more bleak, ”says Terada.

The house pays homage to the bright colors and plastics of the 1950s and 1960s. Eero Saarinen’s 1956 “Tulip” chairs and a large marble table take center stage in the open space on the first floor, which also has a multi-colored modular sofa that Terada designed for the house. A bright red Verner Panton ‘Living Tower’ from 1969 stands in front of a bright yellow wall on a cantilevered platform above the living rooms and is apparently a hit with Terada’s little daughter when she reads or watches films.

USM modules are used throughout this Japanese home, for storage and as room dividers. Designer classics like a bright red Olivetti typewriter and a gray Ericofon phone complete the decor, and Terada’s keen eye and flawless taste make it all work without getting cheesy.

“I wanted to build a house where you would feel happy. That’s more important to me than being able to relax, ”adds the architect. With its light color scheme, a distinctive sloping wall and sliding doors throughout the house, as well as the carefully selected and placed furniture classics, this house puts you in a good mood. §

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