Amazon’s Cottagecore storefront offers rustic-inspired home decor


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Of all the style trends that have emerged in recent years, cottagecore — aka the aesthetic based on a romanticized version of the traditional, nature-based lifestyle — has really made a splash. In its own rustic, nostalgic atmosphere, of course.

Although cottagecore has been around for a while, it surged in popularity at the start of the pandemic as many people decided to escape the fast-paced stresses of everyday life by getting back to basics. Now that spring is here, it has seen another resurgence.

You can find one in the furniture section Nathan James wooden side table which, despite its small size, offers an elegant, open design and plenty of storage space. It comes in a natural oak/black color and will make a “beautiful” addition to your bedroom or living room, according to buyers.

Cottagecore is all about connecting with nature, so why not fill your home with flowers and plants? This artificial eucalyptus plant has seven small branches and will add an earthy touch to your office, living room or bedroom. If you pick flowers from your garden (or just buy them from the store – we won’t judge), put them in handmade porcelain vases to truly bring nature inside in a subtle, romantic way.

If cooking and baking are your hobbies, you don’t want to be without your kitchen. Store your eggs or other ingredients in it this large glass storage jarwhich has an airtight lid and looks great on the kitchen counter.

It’s safe to say Amazon’s Cottagecore storefront has tons of items that require you to click the “Add to Cart” button. To make your shopping process even easier, we’ve highlighted some of the best finds from each section. Time to put on your cottagecore.


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