Addi gets a Christmassy welcome home


ESSEX, Vt. (WCAX) – A neighborhood in Essex gave a warm welcome to a young girl with a chronic illness over the weekend.

WCAX News has been following Addi Carroll’s story for a number of years now and after months in the hospital she is back home and recovering.

First responders and community members who know Addi well made sure she felt the love and Christmas cheer.

After 107 days at Boston Children’s Hospital for treatment and surgery for an unnamed and untreatable illness, Addi is home.

“It feels pretty good to be in a home. It took a long time, that’s for sure,” said Ian Carroll, Addi’s father.

But it hasn’t been an easy road to get to this point. More than three months in hospital can take its toll, and Addi’s health continues to deteriorate

“She’s essentially paralyzed but can sometimes move her limbs a little bit without having that much function,” said Tammy Carroll, Addi’s mother.

The 11-year-old lost her mobility in hospital and had a handful of life-saving surgeries while she was admitted, but she continues to struggle.

“She really has this beautiful, amazing spirit. She asks for help but doesn’t seem helpless,” Tammy said.

When Addi brought her back to her neighborhood, it’s clear she has a community behind her.

“I got a message from Tammy that some of the neighborhood had heard that she was coming home and wanted to decorate her because they knew she hadn’t had Christmas yet,” Ian said.

That’s right, it’s Christmas again in your Essex neighborhood.

“Everyone is making the most of their stuff that they thought they put away for the year. Sometimes even new, new pieces are added. Now we’ve seen some neighbors put up new bouncy castles that they’ve never had before,” said Ian.

So while they prepare the house for a mobile chair for Addi and optimize their life at home, Addi can just look out the window from her bedroom and know that she is loved.

“Just so grateful to be back together as a family,” Tammy said. “We just couldn’t feel more supported, and we’re just so grateful to have her back in her community of loving and caring.”

The Carrolls say Santa will be making an extra stop this weekend after the sisters get back together.

Addi has already requested the opportunity to visit her fire station in Essex. Addi says she has to catch up on her truck and equipment inspections.

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