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In the last five to ten years, designers and homeowners have seen a shift in the neutral color for walls and interior design more broadly. The color has shifted from beige to linen white and now various shades of grey. A light shade of gray is not only suitable for walls, but also for floors, fabrics and home accessories.

The serenity that this color exudes makes it a perfect addition to any area of ​​a home, from the hallway to the bedroom. These pale grays—sometimes known as stone gray, shell gray, or oyster white—are the grays with the least amount of black, reducing the sense of harshness and cold compared to darker grays. Lighter shades of gray are associated with calm, spirituality, elegance and a certain splendor.

Gray is a bit like a chameleon. It mixes and coordinates easily with the accompanying colors. Its decorative effect depends on what colors it is combined with.

So don’t be surprised if your gray room takes on a touch of purple or even green. You’ll find that it’s just a subtle reflection of the other colors.

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Light gray is a suitable color for areas that are not very bright as the color absorbs light and adds clarity to a room. In rooms with strong sunlight, light gray fades into the background rather than creating a bright reflection like white. Gray applied to walls and ceilings perfectly frames a room and highlights architectural elements such as a fireplace, intricate ceiling details and millwork.

Shades of gray blend well with almost any color. An elegant combination is to mix it with other neutral colors like beige, taupe or white. This offers the idea of ​​a tone-on-tone space but with subtle sophistication.

Shades of gray provide flexibility in choosing a decorating style. Shades of gray can allude to beachy driftwood and are perfect for a casual interior design. The color can also bring a sophisticated urban flair to a contemporary design. Gray is also a great gender-neutral color that’s flexible enough for a growing family with evolving home designs.

Drop all preconceptions and associations like “battleship gray” or “prison white”. Gray has become a major player in contemporary interior design, instantly adding a level of sophistication to any space. Here are some ways to combine shades of gray with your decor:

Try stained furniture or wax finishes as this gray will bring out their textures. Also try these textured pieces painted in bright colors.

Accessorize with silver or steel. These metals enhance the elegance of gray tones while enhancing the luminosity of white.

Light fabrics with soft textures harmonize with this grey. The roughest of textures give gray a sense of layering and personality.

Combined with darker shades of grey, silver and black, this creates a masculine and theatrical vibe.

Try your own exciting combinations: mix your light grays with deep yellows or with orange for an energizing pop of color or with greens and blues for a calming and relaxing environment.

Joseph Pubillones is the owner of Joseph Pubillones Interiors, an award-winning interior design firm based in Palm Beach, Florida. His site is www.josephpillones.com. .



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