A luxury wellness resort in Kerala


The 27-key luxury resort consists of independent cottages, a spa and wellness center, treatment rooms, a bar, yoga pavilions, a pool and gym, meeting rooms and an amphitheater; the room program was interpreted as a coherent design scheme that offers different views, perspectives and levels of loneliness, tailored to the function of each room.

Particular attention is paid to the landscaping at this resort, with each variety of shrubs, grass and trees being consciously planted according to the needs of this space. The design addresses the flooding and waterlogging challenges of a tropical climate through a network of natural water bodies that enable smooth surface runoff even during the strong monsoons.

The design, which is strongly reminiscent of classic Kerala architecture, expresses traditional elements such as sloping roofs, mogappus, charupadi etc. through locally sourced materials such as clay tiles for roofs, granite pavilions and dados, laterite and local wood.

The hideaway emerges as a naturally aging property rather than a derivative, polished hotel through the contemporary expression of traditional design idiom combined with lush tropical landscaping.

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