9 Best Mold Testing Kits On The Market


Having mold in your home can be really dangerous, but luckily, there are a few solutions to get rid of it! But first you should buy a test kit to find out what type of mold you are dealing with.

Basically, it’s the first step on your path to making all of the mold in your household go away forever.

At the same time, of course, there are many such kits on the market, so choosing the right one can be really difficult as not all of them work equally well.

This list will also help you choose a really great form set which will also depend on your personal situation!

After choosing one, take the test and based on the results you will know what the next step is in your fight against mold.

If you suspect you have a problem with moisture, mold spores floating around, or have seen mold on certain surfaces, a test kit is essential.

These products are really useful and allow you to wipe all areas in your home and send the samples for a professional analysis to learn more.

Just remember that there are some great black mold options out there too, so don’t hesitate to purchase one.

While black mold looks terrible, it is also super dangerous as it can lead to health problems.

If you leave it for a long time, mold can actually devalue your home and cost you thousands of dollars to repair later. So try your best to get rid of it as early as possible instead of letting it spread too much.

This list includes some of the best kits out there depending on how easy they are to use, how fast you can expect results, and of course how accurate they are!

Some kits can help detect spores in your home simply by analyzing the air. Even if the mold is hiding behind a heavy piece of furniture and you have no idea about it, you can still take the test and find out if you have mold and what type it is!

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, many kits require you to send the samples to a professional laboratory for testing, but there are some that will give you the results right away if you are in a rush.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to remove the mold and spores as soon as possible as no amount or type of mold is safe and adequate.

You should even consider hiring a professional to do this post-test task so that it is done safely and properly.

But before that, the home kits can really help you identify the problem and create a prevention plan so that you never have to fight mold again.

Mold inspection network DIY mold test

This test kit is great for surface testing if you have visible mold, but it won’t help you much if spores are floating around.

So, if you are already sure that you have mold, can see and access it, this is a great product to try out.

It’s a DIY test kit that contains everything you need for three separate tests and will help determine what type of mold you have and what concentration is in your home.

All you have to do is collect some samples and then send them to a laboratory for results.

Remember, with expert advice, this product is available as an option to all buyers residing in the United States except the state of Texas.

Pro-Lab mold test

A wonderful test kit, this product is super accurate and perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Just like the first kit on this list, you will need to send the samples to a laboratory.

You will get results in around 5 days, which is faster than most other companies.

As for collecting the samples, there are actually a couple of different methods!

To begin with, it is easiest to leave a prepared Petri dish on a flat surface for about 60 minutes before sealing it and allowing it to incubate for at least 2 days.

The second way to do this is known as visual sampling and is by using a swab to collect a mold and then placing it in a petri dish before sending both of them to the laboratory.

The results are really accurate, but the only downside is that this brand does not provide you with the correct bags that you need to safely transport the petri dishes to the laboratory.

Finally, the third method, or HVAC, is a little more difficult, but very important. It requires that you put a petri dish on the farthest vent from the heater or air conditioner and close all other vents in your house before turning on the system for about 10 minutes.

Then close the Petri dish and let it incubate for at least two days.

Remember, this kit is perfect when it comes to detecting yeast or black mold, but it cannot detect bacteria or fungus as well.

The company pages have all of the DIY guides you need and even video tutorials to help you get it right!

And if you still have questions, you can either contact a representative by email or phone.

Seeml Labs DIY Mold 3 test kit

The Seeml Labs DIY Mold Test Kit allows you to take samples from three different surfaces in your home and then send them to a specialized laboratory, and at this point it seems all too familiar.

The difference with this particular product, however, is that you get the results the same day the samples arrive at the lab!

They also test for molds of all kinds and expert advice is available to you when the report is sent!

It’s super easy to use and if you still have any questions, please feel free to contact the company that makes the kit.

First mold detection alert kit

The First Alert Mold Detection Kit is great for airborne mold spores.

Simply send the samples to the lab in the pre-printed envelopes you receive and you will receive the results in 5 to 7 days.

My Mold Detective MMD103 Mold Test Kit

It is possible that there are mold spores in the air in your home. In this case you will need the My Mold Detective Mold Test Kit.

It comes with an air sample pump, 4 air sample cassettes and a surface sample.

Taking a sample at your home with this kit takes only five minutes and is super easy to use.

First, use the air sampling pump to take 3 samples indoors and take a control sample outdoors at the same time.

Second, send the cartridges to the company that analyzes the samples to see what type of mold you are dealing with. They will let you know whether the values ​​are normal in their easy-to-understand, color-coded report, which includes the results as well as recommendations.

Healthy home 5-minute mold test at home

As the name suggests, this is a really straightforward, easy-to-use test kit that will give you the results you want in just 5 minutes.

However, if you feel that you really need quick results, this is the product for you!

Of course, if you want more details, you can still send the samples to the company’s laboratories and receive a detailed report within a few days.

In addition, there is only one test method with this kit – use a swab to collect mold samples and place them in 2 collecting trays.

The next step is to pour a special liquid on the sample and in a few minutes your results will already be displayed.

By using this product you can act really super fast especially if you suspect you are dealing with black mold.

If you have additional questions about the tests, please do not hesitate to contact the company by phone or email.

Mold Armor DIY mold test kit

This mold tank kit contains a petri dish and mold growth medium and is ideal for testing the air in your home as well as your surfaces showing mold growth and ventilation systems.

The kit will indicate the presence of mold by simply exposing it to air. However, if you also want to find out what type of mold you have, be sure to send the samples to the lab.

ImmunoLytics Value Test Kit

The ImmunoLytics Value Test Kit is really easy to use and can instantly show you whether or not you have a mold problem.

You can use it to test the air from inside the house and a full laboratory analysis for more details is also included.

Along with this, you will receive a report that you can show to the mold removal specialists so that they know exactly what you need without having to know all the technical details themselves.

As you can get a sample, just open the petri dish and leave it open in your home for about an hour and that is more than enough to collect all the necessary details from the air.

The Petri dish is delivered ready to use, so you do not have to add a culture medium.

First Alert MT1 mold detection kit

The last kit on your list is from a well-known brand that has been making truly efficient and safe products for homes for about 6 decades!

Their test kit is simple with no too many frills, but still does a great job.

You will receive six sample taps for your surfaces as well as three poly bags and a special return envelope.

Remember, this kit is not intended to test for airborne spores, but will definitely tell you whether or not any of your surfaces have mold growing.

For more details, send us the samples and you will receive accurate results within 5 to 7 working days from a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) certified laboratory.


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