6 Christmas living room decorations from all over the world


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The holiday season is finally here! To create a festive mood, the interior design specialists at Hammonds Furniture have created visualizations of Christmas living room decorations from around the world.

From traditional English decorations to happy spider webs in Ukraine, local customs and traditions still have their place in the Christmas decorations that people put up in travel destinations around the world.

“The living room is the heart of the house and the place where so many memories are made. For so many people, putting up the tree and decorating is the best thing about Christmas, ”says Kirsty Oakes, Head of Product and Marketing at Hammond’s furniture.

“We’re all used to digging up the same decorations every year, many of which date back to childhood. But at some point we might want to shake it up a bit, if only to give our existing decorations a new twist. Getting to know different festive decoration traditions from around the world not only brings us closer to other cultures, but can also inspire us to freshen up our own decoration collection. ‘

Check out the living room designs below …

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United Kingdom

The UK may be cold and wet at Christmas time, but Brits make themselves comfortable in their living room by hanging beautiful garlands, placing mistletoe over the door, throwing presents under the tree and handing out tasty mince pies for Santa. Some households prefer traditional red and gold color palettes, while others spice it up with pretty pink balls.



Traditional Christmas decorations in Germany include nutcracker figures, Advent candles, angel jewelry and real trees, which are traditionally decorated on Christmas Eve. This living room looks like the perfect place to sit with a slice of studs …



According to Hammonds Furniture, many French households decorated their Christmas trees with red apples to symbolize the Garden of Eden. In fact, it is believed that brightly colored apples inspired the very first ball decorations.

“Cake lovers may already know the Yule Log, a popular and delicious festive centerpiece,” says Hammonds Furniture. “A Christmas log is traditionally made of wood to be burned on Christmas Eve – a slight DIY touch for your festive decoration.”



While many Greek households also decorate Christmas trees with baubles, it is a popular maritime tradition to decorate ships and boats; something that symbolizes welcoming loved ones home.

Hammonds Furniture says: “The fire burns throughout the holiday season, which creates a cozy atmosphere and at the same time the kallikantzaros gone – mischievous goblins roaming the earth during the winter solstice. ‘



Many Ukrainians decorate their Christmas trees with artificial spiders and cobwebs. We may associate the creepy creatures with Halloween, but it is widely believed that the nets will bring good luck.

In addition, another traditional decoration is a didukh, which has a long history in Ukraine. Today a didukh is a small bouquet of different flowers, herbs and spikelets that can easily be made at home.



The Philippines is all about beautiful lighting. Many households use Christmas lanterns called parols to create a warming light.

“When it comes to tree decorations, the bigger the better,” says Hammonds Furniture. “Think of larger-than-life balls, bows and flowers to stand out against a minimalist interior. Although nativity scenes are internationally popular, they are an indispensable Filipino decoration that is usually placed on a table or under the Christmas tree. ‘

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