5 paintings on Amazon that you can use as wall decorations! Dream about the budget, check it out

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Paintings are the easiest way to decorate a home. Leaving your walls bare can make your home look a little blazer. But we don’t have to go all out with a shelf, lighting, or even a bookshelf. A simple picture is enough to light up the room! Take a look at these stunning colors you can find on Amazon to add to your home! Each of these paintings are under Rs. 3000 and can add a flair to your aesthetic home!

1) A painting set:
There are some paintings that are available in sets. These fragmented paintings will add a modern yet artistic look to your room. It’s a great buy if you want to cover a large portion of the wall!

2) Modern abstract colors:
Applying abstract color is a good choice when the space is designed with a rustic and modern aesthetic.

3) Flower painting:
Just like adding a small plant or even adding a painting as a wall, Decore can really brighten up a place.

4) Ethnic mural:
If you have a boho aesthetic in your home, an ethnic wall mural is a great choice too! Not only can it bring a funky look to your home, it can also add color to your room and make it pop!

5) Stylistic paintings:
You can give your home an even more personal touch if you choose and use a specific art style. Be it a Japanese painting, an ethnic painting or a simple nature painting!

Check out these different colors you can get here on Amazon. Which painting do you think would best suit your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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